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PROTO-KAW is a version of KANSAS that didn't quite make it. Originally named KANSAS, and led by Kerry Livgren, this band started out playing progressive music in the early 70s but due to a number of reasons, disbanded before hitting the big time. Livgren then teamed up with Steve Walsh, Phil Ehart, Rich Williams, Robbie Steinhardt and Dave Hope to form KANSAS which became the KANSAS we all know (and love!). Thus their music sounds a lot like KANSAS, although one can also hear influences of other bands such as GENESIS, JETHRO TULL (with the flute) and ELP, though it is a little disequilibrating to hear KANSAS music without Walsh or Steinhardt at the vocals (which is not a criticism - the vocalist is excellent). PROTO-KAW members are Livgren, Lynn Meredith on vocals, Dan Wright on organ, John Bolton on sax and flute, Craig Kew on bass and Brad Schulz on bass. The liner notes pay tribute to former member Don Montre who passed away at age 39.

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Before Came After (2004)

The Wait Of Glory (2006)

Forth (2011)

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