Classic Rock Bottom

Ten Years After (1967)

A Space In Time (1971)

Rock & Roll Music to the World (1972)

Now (2004)
Evollution (2008)

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 Ten Years After reformed in 2004 without Alvin Lee & did a few albums. Definately worth a listen!

Ah nice Rich!

Another of my faves!

Wow, a whole concert!

Somebody once said Alvin Lee isn't the best guitarist, but he is the FASTEST, LOL!

He was fast for the time. I would say these days fast players are a dime a dozen. But the ones that play with feel are harder to come by.

Can't argue with that!

Wow !  These 2 newest albums are really good.  Too bad stuff like this can't get any air play.

Hi Tom,

 Yeah- & the guitar player is really good on them. He is also playing on the concert video above. Very impressive! I guess they have a different guy now. I wasn't very impressed with him tho.

Do you know what the guy's name was that played on those albums?

He is Joe Gooch. He & the bass player (Leo Lyons) left Ten Years After & formed another group called Hundred Seventy Split.

I really like that guy's playin'


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