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Moving along with our True Oldies, I am gonna open up this chapter with another interpretation of that old chestnut, Summertime- this one from 1960, by the group that did the original Barbara Ann- long before the Beach Boys.

Then a not so well known Summer song by a cat named Elvis Presley.

I hear he did some things before 1964, although you’d never know it by today’s Oldies radio.

Got a song from Frankie Lymon’s brother that only serves to remind me…oh, never mind,… Continue

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Oddly Engineer Ken and I both thought of playing some oldies, separately.

Me, because Summertime seems to be the best time to listen to them. Ken because it would be a good lead-in for Cousin Bruce Morrow, the legendary DJ who started in 1959, will be in my radio spot on September 2nd. Just the one time, joined by another old time DJ Les Marshak.

And Brucie will be plugging his new book, Doo Wop: The Music, The Times, The Era.

My opening set will be oldies dealing with Summer-… Continue

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I've been thinking about my job a lot lately. I wonder how the people who read this (or maybe I should say the person who reads this) feel about their job. That is, of course, making the assumption that the reader has a job. Times are very tough and many folks in this country (USA) are out of work. I wonder this because I'm not a very big fan of my job. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to have employment. I have a family (with a new addition any day now) to support.… Continue

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I think I'll start a blog. I don't know much about blogging. I don't usually read them and I definitely don't usually write them. But, here goes. First off, I've named this blog "A Day In The Life". It doesn't particularly have any significance. It shares a title with a wonderful song by The Beatles.

What I'm aiming to do is simply write about something that I notice or think about on any given day. Or maybe even write about a specific event that has happened.… Continue

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Stephen Stills: A man and his music

I just want to say me and my niece Lee love Stephen Stills a lot. We believe he is the most underrated guitar player/singer and songwriter of all time. I again want to stress I want all of us in here to spread the word about voting him into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame a third time for his solo work. It needs to be greatly recognized as in my humble opinion he should be up there with the likes of Eric Clapton and the few others who are honored in this way. Thank you for listening and God… Continue

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