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Well this is it, the Finale.
It's been a long trip, gathering Reflections and Remembrance.
After all, apart from some deeply personal instances, 9/11 is THE single most affecting event in my life!
For some reason tonight, I have this vivid memory of the Mets' Mike Piazza hitting a two-run homer in the bottom of the 8th inning to beat the Braves in the first Baseball game played in New York after those damnable attacks on Sept. 11th 2001.
And how much that tiny incident in the scale of things meant to me and the city...we were desperate for something good!
What I don't remember ever happening is what took place opening this 2nd half of the show- going in I didn't have a clue as to how I would end this whole series.
Now, months ago I knew what the opening song would be, but the last one?
It is Free-Form Radio, but with something as important to me as an ending, that sometimes is the first thing I think of- either the ending song or the opening song or both-  if not, I usually have a few ideas, and I make the choice at the last moment.
Some possibilities were a gentle My Country 'Tis Of Thee done by David Crosby, or The House I Live In by Frank Sinatra from a short movie produced in 1945- but they just weren't cutting it.
And this had been an introspective journey for me, trying to find something good inside using Music as my guide.
So I went ahead and started this last chapter with songs of Love and Peace, and while that's a nice way to think, they don't do much to heal the still open wound in me, or the anger.
Suddenly I thought of Hope...there should always be that.
And I had my ending!
After 4 shows, 4 hours, seeking some kind of solace, am I any different?
I'll answer that in here.
And I'd be interested in how you feel after 10 years, with or without listening to what I played.
God Bless America!
Now that will always remain proudly the same for me! 
Here's the link for the ending to an emotional series only Music could fulfill so well, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on September 30, 2011 at 10:42pm
Thanks for giving me the highest mark, it's always nice to have an effort recoginized.
Yes, it's "bookending" with the Beatles, according to Scott- and also we feel I couldn't go wrong, lol!
And those songs just came to me quickly...hey they hung the moon!
But man, I needed an ending...glad those last two came quickly!
Isn't that Eddie Money song excellent?
Yeah, I tried to look it up, I am pretty sure he graduated from the Police Academy and did some patrolling.
Makes a better story anyway, lol!
That Jonathan Edwards song was an obscure one, hell even the hit we remember is obscure, lol!
Besides the show ending, I was most pleased with thinking to play The Allman Brothers' Revival.
So we were on the same wavelength there!
Hadn't heard it in a long time, and once I had the idea I really wanted to hear it- it still rocks for me!
Thanks for coming along on the journey with me.
You have to admit, it is a different way of presenting music- no computers picking the tunes, no iPod shuffle for me- I handpicked those songs with all the emotion we don't hear on the radio anymore.
And thanks for the "great job", that makes it all worth it,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on September 30, 2011 at 11:58am


So we arrived at the end of the series.  That was such a tragic day and I'm very glad that you have taken time to remember the events and emotions through your show.  I'll give you an A plus for the effort.


Bookending it with the Beatles huh?  Not a bad choice at all.  Actually, all the choice here were really good.


I've never heard the Eddie Money song until now, but I had heard that he was at one time a NYPD member, though I thought I read that he was in training.  Who knows?


I thought the lyrics to the Jonathan Edwards song were great.  And I do remember the one hit of his that you mentioned.


For me, the moment of brilliance was in your choice of The Allman Brother's song Revival.  What an aptly titled song for the closing session of this series.


Great job my friend.

Comment by Mike Pell on September 29, 2011 at 11:55pm
I felt the same way about the Fab Four, I couldn't go wrong.
It's funny how I went on & on, but never said Eddie Money's name.
Didn't stop you however, you just heard his voice and knew, lol!
He was a late thought, and made it precisely for those lyrics.
The fact that he was NYPD just made it all the better as a pick!
Ending with the Lads was nice for me, and I like that, "bookend tracks".
Another thing I'll steal, lol!
Thanks to you for listening and writing, I appreciate the kind words,
Comment by Scott on September 29, 2011 at 10:59am

You cant go wrong kicking the finale off with The Beatles!


And isnt Eddie Money the perfect artist fo rthis series!!!  Wow, that didnt hit me until I heard his voice and the first thought I had was that he was NYPD before he became a rock star!  Very powerful person, voice and matched up with this song lyrically was genius! 


So just for the record, I typed the above paragraph while listening to Eddie Money and before you mentioned his pedigree!  hahahaha...


And you cant go wrong finishing with them either!  Perfect bookend tracks.


Thank you sir!

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