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Well, I said in the opening chapter that just seeing the word September made me think of 9/11, and I have managed to go the entire month with different looks at, feelings about, and reactions to, that day.
This is the first half of the final show in the series.
We are all 10 years older now, prompting my opening with the original version from 1938 of a song you have to have heard sometime in your life- and although nominally about September is in fact about the much larger issue of growing older!
Then it's time to throw out all the bewilderment and face the facts of those heinous attacks 10 years ago with Resignation and Acceptance- leading us inevitably to Wisdom.
All reflected in the musical personal little Western Union for sending messages!
If you have avoided listening to the previous episodes, you may want to jump in for these last two parts.
Among other things, we'll hear the BEST version of a song written by Jackson Browne, who although for all his astonishing insight in writing it at the tender age of 16, does not perform the best interpretation.
The one you'll hear IS!
Another song is by a group I wouldn't even condescend to play at the peak of their popularity, looking down at them from from my high horse.
A group I confess I had dismissed then for good reason, and I will now be playing for the keen insight of their lyrics- which only serves to support the feelings about how I, and all of us, Change in the song following it.
The list of tunes goes on, and you know how I hate to tip my hand about a playlist, lol!
The element of surprise and bringing back forgotten or never heard music, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the source of my enjoyment doing these shows.
Without that, I wouldn't bother.
But I will tell you we can all profit in the days, weeks and years ahead, from the collected Wisdom of the selections presented here.
Not because I picked them out...that would be more ego than I have or want.
Rather because of lessons conveyed in the lyrics, those daily overlooked things we take for granted,
Please do listen and value that kick in the butt we periodically need from time to time!
One more half to go to close it out.
Here's the link to make you think, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on September 30, 2011 at 12:03am
Thanks man, that's nice to hear.
I put all I had into this series.
I went with a lot of old dependable favorites of mine.
And that Johnny Rivers song took a while for me to pick up on, it didn't get a lot of radio airplay.
Now it's one of my 10 thousand favorites, lol!
Truly a beauty!
Thanks for listening and the good word,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on September 29, 2011 at 2:25pm

Hey Mike,

Not much to say today except great job on picking out songs for this subject, from beginning to end.


Also, I really liked the Johnny Rivers tune at the end.  Very nice.

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