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There are those I am sure who think I am going too far and too long with this series.
But it is the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of 9/11, plus I am trying to work some real bad feelings out of my system.
It's my therapy and I'll know when it is time to end.
And perhaps I can help somebody else out who has comparable feelings.
I am calling this chapter There But for Fortune, based on an old Phil Ochs song.
We all know that any one of us for any reason could have been present at any of the three locations the muslim terrorists struck on Sept. 11th 2001.
There But for Fortune...!
And that Good Fortune of course extends to other bad situations we are blessed to not have to cope with or live in.
That's the thematic musical centerpiece.
But I'll open with a Ray Charles song I first heard played in the late 70's by Dave Herman on WNEW-FM- they were still a free-form radio station then.
I searched for it for years, never found it, never heard it again by that particular artist.
Then lo and behold, a week and a half before this series began, I got it on a compilation album!
Fate seemingly runs through this episode.
And I have a song from 1989 that is absolutely eerie in its lyrics regarding 9/11- just one of many whose content has taken on a new meaning since that fateful day.
I ask you to simply listen to the words, and you should easily hear what I mean.
And I'll have another similarly uncanny song in Part Two that is even older.
All things considered, a nice mix of music no matter what the Theme.
Or if there even IS a Theme.
Count your lucky stars and enjoy!

Here's the link for us lucky people, at WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on September 21, 2011 at 12:37am
You know that Ray Charles song came out in 1961?
The Don Henley song is almost turned upside-down listening in the context of 9/11.
Been meaning to play it that way for years, and it really is eerie isn't it?
I gotta do a show on Phil Ochs someday, he was a piece of work.
Hope In A Hopeless World was one of those songs I liked instantly, and I thought it would fit in here.
But I am very happy that the winner of RJ's Favorite Unknown Song From This Particular Mike Pell Show was Ralph McTell's Streets Of London.
What a beautiful song that is, and was played a lot here on WNEW-FM in NYC, mainly by Scott Muni, then it just seemed to disappear.
And it is so frustrating to listen to CD after CD and find the Streets Of London version is NOT the original.
Apparently McTell re-recorded it, and that has become the new accepted version.
But those of us who know better can hear the difference immediately.
That's why I had to go to the vinyl!
A hint, keep the Gordon Lightfood vibe going for another day or two, lol!
And another keen observation on your part,pointing out similarities with the M*A*S*H* theme and Give A Damn I hadn't noticed before but do now.
That's another great song lyrically, and was also played from the Spanky & Our Gang vinyl abum.
Thanks as always for listening and writing bro,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on September 20, 2011 at 11:18am


Hey, that Ray Charles song isn't too bad, but I really like the Don Henley tune.  Of course, I've heard that one many times before, and I've certainly listened to the lyrics, but not in the context that you just gave me.  And you are right, it's really eerie.   Nice pick up on that from you.


I thought the Phil Ochs tune was good.  I especially liked the acoustic only accompaniment.  Very nice.


Hope In A Hopeless World has a great sound.  I liked that one too.  And it almost got named RJ's Favorite Unknown Song From This Particular Mike Pell Show, until the next song came along.  Streets Of London is beautiful.  I got a tremendous Gordon Lightfood vibe from that song.


And finally, the song "Give A Damn" really reminded me of the M*A*S*H* theme song in a couple of places.


Nice show my friend.

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