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I meant to tell you that one of the main reasons I am doing these shows about Nothing now is because of the seriousness of the previous series.
Seemed like a good time to do it, since I have been thinking about it for years.
It was a great plot device of Seinfeld to have them pitch a show to NBC- making it a show within a show.
And as usual when doing my own show, I play a song and it makes me think of another, and I am running around pulling out songs...whew!
So you are probably not surprised that what was going to be one, will now be two shows.
Therefore for next week, I can promise you more of...NOTHING!
Hope you like this episode, it's a cross-section of music from four decades.
Here's the link to what upon closer inspection just might be about something, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on October 7, 2011 at 4:24am
Since the Small Faces are nominated for induction into to the R & R Hall Of Fame, I thought I'd open with them and their same-titled song as BTO.
Plus the idea of a BTO vs BLT sandwich was irresistible.
That was a mistake, but since I do the show in real time, there is no turning back.
I like the idea of no safety net, and while it seemed like a good idea it didn't deliver.
There will always be things I do that work out better than others, and while I am not at all ashamed of this Part Two chapter and it certainly is worth listening to with some fine music in it, Part One was superior.
The show reflects how I am feeling at any given time, and I was definitely in an anything goes mood, lol!
I was all over the place...but in my mind Nothing Can Change This Love led right into Nothing Changes.
And Sam Cooke is ALWAYS worth hearing, as are the Moody Blues.
I LOVE the "Golden Pell" award, it is an excellent idea- and don't limit yourself to one song if there is more than one.
There can be multi-ties, lol!
I really hadn't heard King Of Nothing by Seals & Crofts in years, although it was one of the first I thought of for these shows.
And coming off Kramer, it applied to him.
Metallica I tend to not think of...I gotta listen to them more...still playing catchup from my drinking years.
Yes, those Moody Blues lyrics made me think again of 9/11- it is inescapable.
I could easily have played that song in the previous series.
Now, I would have thought you'd like Starship...but no.
Glad to hear you are into Bachman-Turner, I did a show on them, it's in the archives at WLSO.
Of course they are not Kiss...or the Beatles, LOL!
Lastly, you don't have to wonder...I may be slightly ahead of you- hey it's my little show, lol!
Thanks for listening, writing, and the award,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on October 6, 2011 at 2:32pm
Totally forgot about BTO.  BTO rules! (except for Kiss, of course).
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on October 6, 2011 at 2:27pm


The Small Faces huh?  I didn't really care for the first one, but I did like the second one.  I'm gonna give that one the "Golden Pell".  What is the Golden Pell you may ask?  It's the award for the best song from an individual show that I've never heard.  Pretty good idea, huh?


The King Of Nothing was kinda neat.  I believe Metallica has a song called King Nothing, just saying.


That Moody Blues thing was different.  Did you notice he said something along the line of "it's almost 2001"?  Guess what that made me think of?


Ixnay on the tarshipsay.  Can't say I'm a fan of that version of the band.


Lastly, I wonder if you'll play that song that goes "nothing from nothing leaves nothing/you gotta have something, if you wanna be with me" or something like that?

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