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Funny to put this up now, when everyone is so worked up about the TSA and their new scanning/groping techniques!
These are the final two halves about Planes.


I think I figured out why I used so many vinyl records in this series.
The holidays seem to subconsciously bring back memories of happy times past, so I think I just decided to do “Throwback Shows”- back to a time before CD’s, internet downloads, etc.
Good old 33 1/3’s & 45’s!
Gonna open this one up with a classic that does not have Planes or Flying in the title, but just listen to the first words out of Joe’s mouth.
Then back to our story of the Wright Brothers, who when we last left off had experimented with gliders, but now KNEW they were ready to use an engine.
Moving on to 3 folk/rock songs about Planes- including one of my favorite songs of all time, another that is the studio version as opposed to the live one from Woodstock you usually hear (is Arlo REALLY singing about bringing in a couple of kilos?), and the last from the most underrated and underappreciated songwriter in all of Rock & Roll, John Sebastian.
I will wind down the dark, unhappy ending to the Wright Brothers story.
They initially received wide acclaim, but soon the powers that be were downplaying the Brothers incredible success story- stealing their ideas and invention. And they began their smear campaign.
First the French and Germans, then all of Europe, and even our very own Smithsonian after humiliating failure at flying, just copied what the Wrights did.
Thus began a long series of court battles, and serves as a cautionary tale!
Years later, the Smithsonian finally admitted they had cheated after damaging the Wright Brothers reputation.
I will close this episode out with a song by an old obscure group called Affinity.
Of course, it is from a vinyl record!
I ask you to enjoy this episode, but no one ever listens to me, lol!

Here's the link to the Planes Pt.3:



Well, here we are at the final chapter and you should be Getting Home For Thanksgiving very soon now.
Planes are our mode of travel this year, 2007.
I will open this episode up with someone else who used to say “Come fly with me”, and on a nightly basis- Alison Steele, the Nightbird on WNEW-FM! A tape of the beginning of her very first show, and a befitting song for that.
I found myself getting ticked off about what happened to the Wright Brothers.
It was a shame what happened to them, and to this day those who stole their invention have never apologized nor given them their due.
And imagine this, those amazing Brothers LEARNED how to fly while they were INVENTING flying!
Compare that to driving a car, but high in the air where any mistake could be fatal.
In honor of the Wright Brothers, Alison and Women’s Libbers everywhere, lol, I will play The True Story Of Amelia Earhart by Mathews Southern Comfort.
Then the late Long John Baldry with his interpretation of a Small Faces number.
What series could be complete without a falling in love song?
I’ll take care of that with one about a woman and a pilot, grounded during a storm.
Next, I wanna play a classic one by a classic group, which despite its reputation as a drug song is actually simply about circling and landing in London.
I was handed a just-in Thanksgiving forecast that you should find entertaining, despite my reading of it, lol!
Incidentally, the instrumental underneath me at the end is a slightly different Flying by the Beatles (appropriate, yes?).
Thus will end 2007’s trip home.
It is never hard to find things to be thankful for, no matter how bad things may seem.
If you have two of most of the things you are supposed to have two of- eyes, ears, arms, legs, etc.- that’s reason enough for me.
If you have family, friends, pets or just one person who loves you, you are blessed with a bounty.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
And I am thankful to you for taking this trip and all the others with me- it wouldn’t be the same without you.

But wait, there is one more way to get home in that movie title…coming right up!

Here's the link to the Planes End Pt.4:


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Comment by Mike Pell on November 22, 2010 at 1:20pm
Nice call on Joe Cocker, I could have played the original by the Boxtops.
I like Joe.
That Gordon Lightfoot song and I have been friends for a long time, very very early Gordon, and it always will be a great one.
I played the studio version of Coming In To Los Angeles didn’t I?
There is the maybe more famous version by him from Woodstock.
I love Red Eye Express because it is written & done by John Sebastian, lol!
And Night Flight is good enough, and an example of that early FM stuff I was listening to way back when.
I do the show with a tendency to New York, where the audience would know Alison Steele.
Glad you heard of her, and only you could tie her somehow to Kiss, lol!
That is an outstanding song by Richie Havens, way back from his FIRST album Mixed Bag, an album that changed my life.
I don’t know if you noticed, but I had to splice in the song because it started playing under Alison, and I wanted better sound quality.
It’s Amelia Earhart, and a recent movie about her with Hillary Swank, done by Ian Matthews in his group Matthews Southern Comfort.
Long John Baldry did a fine version of the Small Faces “Flying”.
Gotta love the Byrds’ Eight Miles High!
The Wright Brothers got screwed over bad, and the Smithsonian hasn’t always been a paragon of virtue.
Glad you dug the story.
Always fun to read your comments, and thanks for listening,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 22, 2010 at 10:06am
Part 3

I'm not a big Joe Cocker fan, but I did enjoy that song, The Letter. And I actually guessed the right artist.

Love that G. Lightfoot song, Early Morning Rain. That's just a great song.

And I really liked the Arlow Guthrie song, Coming In To Los Angeles. What a great story for the lyrics.

Red Eye Express and Night Flight were okay.

The show seemed short for some reason. Don't know why.

Part 4

For some reason, I've heard of Allison Steele. I believe the Kiss website featured a podcast that was dedicated to an interview she did with the band after their first album came out. That's got to be her because I remember that voice.

That Richie Havens song is outstanding. Especially the remarkable guitar work. Don't you think so?

I also liked The True Story Of Amelia (I'm not sure how you spell her last name, but you know who I'm talking about). I think you said it was by Ian Matthews.

The last 3 songs were okay, Long John Baldry (didn't get the title), Nancy Griffith with The Flyer, and The Byrds with Eight Miles High. That one I have heard at least.

And Mike, I really enjoyed the Wright Brothers Article that you discussed. That's an amazing story that I knew nothing about. I had no idea they faced all of that adversity.

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