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Well here are the first two halves of the Automobile portion of Trains, Planes & Automobile.
Although we commonly call them Cars, lol!


Alright, after playing those Trains & Planes, based on the movie Trains, Planes & Automobiles or something like that, lol, we are caught up and ready for 2008 with Automobiles.
You might say, this year’s model!
By the way, Automobiles are the overwhelming choice for Getting Home For Thanksgiving.
Although not everyone calls them that, as the first song will attest.
A song inspired by road rage incidentally.
Then I am going to do that thing I do to get the creative juices flowing- think of the very first song I ever heard as a kid about whatever topic we are doing.
So you will get to hear that song- and it’s understandable why it would appeal to a little kid- it starts slow and gets faster and it contains a sound effect, lol!
Then a couple of songs that have the same title, but that’s all they have in common.
Then a group I HAD to play, given the topic, and a most appropriate one from them, given said topic.
I will close this opening chapter with a beautiful Love Song To A Car!
Come back for more, we are just getting started…
Here's the link to Pt.1 for what most people call Cars:



Motoring along with our Automobiles bringing us Home For Thanksgiving, I will open with two songs that have something in common.
Although the 2nd song has a surprise ending and kind of turns things around from the first.
Next, I will take a look at Cars being a training ground for seduction and sex- and you better believe that!
Why just the car itself can be seducing for women.
Oh, the ladies do LOVE those cars- and I will musically make my case for that.
I’ll even play a tune about a woman praying for one, lol!
We will end this chapter with an instrumental from 1961, and it comes courtesy of my old vinyl 45 RPM box.
And I hope I don’t have to explain to anyone what 45 RPM means.
It has nothing to do with an Automobile, ok?
Those pops and scratches alone make this worthy of your listening time, lol!
Nah, actually after all those years it sounds pretty damn good!
More cars are coming down the road, so please make a U-turn and come back.

Here's the link to Pt.2 for what most people call Cars:


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Comment by Mike Pell on November 23, 2010 at 12:29pm
Yeah, Hot Rod Lincoln is a dynamite song.
But I liked the other one too- I started getting into John D. Loudermilk's music, and I couldn't believe how old that song was.
On Bob Seger's Night Moves you are right, the acoustic intro makes it instantly identifiable.
More education on No Particular Place To Go from The Professor, and Chuck Berry again too, lol!
Chevy Van was fun for me to hear because I hadn't in so long, it is the best version, and there is no singing where I work...and I still don't know if you CAN sing, lol!
Aw, don't like Janis? I've always enjoyed that giggle at the end.

Still waiting on Pink Cadillac and East Bound And Down...

Thanks for your usual fun opinions,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 23, 2010 at 3:18am
You cheated and read Scott's comments?
For shame!
But since you said the show was excellent, you are quickly forgiven, lol!!
That Gary Numan song was acceptable because of its context, as Scott and I have been talking about.
So it wasn't so painful a 3 to 4 minutes!
Your first car was a '73 Cutlass? Nice!
I am still waiting to get my first car, lol!
That Playmates' Beep Beep worked for THIS kid- would you really sing it to your son, or would it just be better to play the record?
I mean, I have never heard you sing, lol!
As to Maybelline by Chuck being a car song, just call me The Professor!
Teaching folks all around the globe.
Drive My Car by the Beatles is far more well known than David Crosby's, but his strength has always been harmonies.
From his early days with the Byrds to all his collaborations with Graham Nash, and he still sounds great at those CSNY reunions today.
Drive by the Cars is your favorite eh.
Well I got lucky on that one, there are many other Cars songs I like better.
No kidding, you've never heard Long May You Run?
Damn, sometimes I feel so old!
Those two songs you mentioned...sorry, don't hold your breath, I didn't have time so you ain't gonna hear them, lol!
But it's not like I didn't play anything...there was no radio silence.
Thanks my man, and it's on to your Pt.2 statements later,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 22, 2010 at 1:13pm
Dear Scott,
It gives me great pleasure to surprise you, lol!
Like I say, the WORLD is our playlist!
I guess you mean Beep Beep, and I heard that long before I ever thought of getting a car…or even a bicycle.
And those Playmates are far less interesting to look at than the ones in the decades you mentioned, lol!
Are we all buying the farm in 2012…because of the Mayan calendar?
No way, I got stuff to do!
Yeah, Maybelline & Christine IS weird, Stephen King even thinks so, lol!
Ah the Beatles and the 2 Drive My Car songs, forgot about them.
That was a good twosome with Crosby, happy you liked it.
Caught you with the Cars eh, lol?
And playing Drive by them was inspired, even if I am the only one who thinks so, lol!
I agree, the Cars are great, and another loss with Ben Orr.
The Stills-Young Band’s love song to a car, Long May You Run, I have always been thrilled to hear, never get sick of it.
Terrific song by Neil Young.
And did you notice the mention of the Beach Boys, and singing Caroline No in the background?
Wow, you live close enough to a Speedway to get locked in!
Hey that’s normal traffic in New York, lol!
We ALL have experience with those Night Moves in the car- it’s a part of our Life Schooling!
That’s Seger’s beast album, and that’s a great blonde joke I have never heard!!!
See you had something I never heard for a change, lol!
I too felt Chevy Van had aged well after not hearing it for a long time.
And I am sure the “in Context” helped.
Thought the Janis song would be fun to play, but I don’t remember it being the closer.
Oh well, I haven’t heard that show in a couple of years.
Thanks for the “Great stuff” comment, all your other comments, and for being such a great listener.
It IS a time for Thanksgiving right?
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 22, 2010 at 11:53am
Part 2

I thought Hot Rod Lincoln was pretty good, Road Hog was just okay (or was it Road Hawk?).

Couldn't agree more with Scott on Bob Seger's Night Moves. Just a great song. Love the acoustic intro.

No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry was cool. I didn't realize what it was about until now. More education from Mike.

The Ry Cooder song was funny, especially the line about takin' 'em knock-knee'd and bow legged now.

Chevy Van by Sammy Johns has always been one of my favorite all time songs. There's something about it that makes me want to sing along, which doesn't work well at work. Tell me that's not a certain type of movie script... Sammy Kershaw covered it a few years back, and did a good job, but the original is the best.

I remember the Janis Joplin song, Mercedes Benz, from my youth. Can't say I liked it, but I do remember it.

Still waiting on Pink Cadillac and East Bound And Down...
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 22, 2010 at 11:22am
I must admit, I did read Scott's comments before I listened. And I agree with him that this show was excellent.

I've never been a big fan of that Gary Neumann song, Cars, but it's quite appropriate here, so I didn't mind hearing it again at all.

Just for the record, my first car was a 1972 Cutlass Supreme. My dad bought it for me for $900. I should've kept it.

I must say, that song Beep Beep by The Playmates is a terrific kids song. I wish I knew the song, it would be great fun to sing it to my young son as he grows. It was very funny, the story it tells. I don't remember Rambler's very well myself, but I do remember my father referring to them quite often as a kid.

Maybelline is a car song. I never knew that. You always seem to teach me something, Mike.

I like both Drive My Car tunes, The Beatles and David Crosby. He has a unique voice, not one I'd call beautiful, but I still like it. It certainly works within the style of CSN's great melodies.

I'm not as big a Cars fan as Scott, but I belive Drive might be my favorite.

The Neil Young song was new to me, and as usual with his tunes, I like it.

I wonder if we'll hear Pink Cadillac by Springsteen or one of my personal favorites, East Bound And Down by Jerry Reed?
Comment by Scott on November 22, 2010 at 9:03am
Cars! I just posted a New Wave version of Best of (IMHO), I was surprised to hear it open the show. I guess New Wave wasn't the type of song I would associate with one of your shows. But you show us, yet again, how wide open your musical tastes really are.

Never heard the second song, but my older brothers first car was a Rambler, so the imagery worked for me. I like the Playmates of the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, and 10's, pretty sure the ones in the 20's will be good also. That is if we make it past 2012.. hahahahaha

So as soon as I hear Mabelline (sp?) I start to think of cars with people names and the only one I come up with is Christine. Weird! So that threw me off, but i have a weird mind like that ... But the Beatles tunes ropes me right back in...

Never heard the Crosby tune, though I liked it. And then the Cars, when that started, I was like "DUH!" This was a MUST PLAY! I love them and am still sad about the passing of Ben Orr.

Awesome Awesome show Mike! Loved the Neil Young end, perfect!

onto Part Deux, hahahaha...

I live near the Charlotte Motor Speedway in NC, close enough that we get landlocked during race weeks. You would think that would come to mind as well, but no, at least not until you play something about hot rods.

OK yet another direction. You do great research! Ive also got some experience with Night Moves in cars... hahahahah. One of the best rock albums ever made! Quick joke.. How does a blonde turn the light on after sex? She opens the driver side door. :-)

Chevy Van! Wow!, why don't I remember this song being this damn good! This one really sounded fresh! One of those "in context" moments maybe?

Also loved the Joplin close! Great stuff Mike!

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