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I have to bring this piece of crap back because among other things the sound card doesn't work in the back, only in the front.
And I goddam hate this Windows 7- compared to XP it sucks big time!
Frankly, I hate computers period!
The thrill is long gone.
An honest appraisal would confirm that my active, social and intellectual life has gone down since I first got one about 6 or 7 years ago.
Have I returned to doing this show?
Answering now, it will be a good while before that happens- like I said, if it ain't fun, I ain't doing it!
It all depends on the comfort level, and right now I am not at all comfortable.
So it appears a parade of re-runs will be forthcoming...if that!
Here's how the 2nd half of that early Summer of 2009 show went those years ago:

We return for this 2nd half with more “return” songs, lol.
Including one from an ex-Beatle that for some reason was never released, but will blow your mind!
After that, I knew that in my self-exile I had missed an entire season, Spring, by just a couple of days.
For all the Hallmark card feelings about Spring, it is often forgotten there was a time that for the Native American Indians in many parts of the country, to have SURVIVED the Winter was a cause for celebration.
Just plain being glad you had made it to Spring and weren’t dead!
So a song about that, written by a Cree Indian jazz musician named Jim Pepper, but the version I’ll play was taken over and done much better by a folk-rock duo.
This song and I have been friends for a very long time- since the early 70’s- so I hope you like it!
And bear in mind when this was broadcast, June 23rd was just 3 days into Summer.
I’ll end by going out pretty much the way we came in.
You may have noticed that I am the lone holdout when it comes to printing playlists of these shows.
I don’t believe in them!
There are maybe half a dozen people in radio that I like to listen to- who of course share my “anything goes” attitude about what to play.
And I most certainly do NOT want to know IN ADVANCE what they are going to play.
The chance to bring back a forgotten song long dormant in your memory, or one you have never heard but catches your ear- these are the things that are the most delightful to me, and why I guard my free-form status so closely.
Why in the hell would I want to tell you what I am going to play before I do so- and why would you bother listening if I did?
The element of surprise or anticipation is key- this show is not background music while you do something else, and I am not wallpaper hanging there so long you don’t notice it anymore!
Let’s finish this ride together.

Here's the link to the ending half, at WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on January 17, 2012 at 12:31am
I like that The Return Of The Blues Cowboy with Joe Strummer-damn good song.
And you got it right, Return Of The Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons, it came out shortly after his young death.
Parsons is a fascinating artist, probably the most important figure in country-rock.
You should really investigate him.
Don't think I have heard Meet Me In Montana.
It's odd but Return to Pepperland was more appealing even to me back in 2009, lol!
I know Witchi-Tai-To goes on for a while but I can't bring myself to shorten songs.
Played that in a bar once years ago, everybody loved it, would ask me to play it again.
I still get people who remind me about that song when I bump into them, and will sing it to me, lol!
Havens is another favorite of mine, since I heard Follow in 1967, and everything about music changed for me.
Golden Pell to Return Of The Grievous Angel- a wise choice my friend.
Thanks for the listen & writing, got nothing for this week but should next week,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on January 16, 2012 at 2:31pm

Hey Mike,

The Return Of The Blues Cowboy huh?  Not bad, love the gunshot sound at the end.


Return Of The Grievous Angel or something like that, I couldn’t quite make it out.  Very nice song, leading candidate for GP for now, as I’m typing while listening.  It reminds me of a song by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals I believe, I think it’s called Meet Me In Montana.  It reminds me vocally I should say.


Return to Pepperland didn’t really work for me.


I kinda liked the Indian song at first, but it got a little too repetitive for me.


The cover of Do It Again was really cool.  I struggle at this point in the awarding of the Golden Pell.  It’s not like this version is particularly better than Steely Dan’s, but I dig Haven’s voice.


Okay, decision made, Golden Pell to Return Of The Grievous Angel.

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