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Alright, it's back in the low 30's temperature-wise in New York, and that is proper- it feels like Christmas.
As I mentioned in the first half, I don't remember this show ever falling on December 24th.
So Christmas Eve is the Theme.
And EVERY song played so far takes place on Christmas Eve!
That will continue until the last song exception.
I'll talk a little about some Christmas Eve memories and what it means to me.
And I myself will be going to Midnight Mass, then come home and lose myself in more Christmas Music.
It really it doesn’t matter what your plans are, you wonderful people are Dear Friends to me.
I hope you can find the time to listen to this during what will be a very busy day and night for us.
Merry Christmas To All… And God Bless Us Every One!
Let’s party again next year.
Here are the links to my non-cliche favorite time of year, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

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Comment by Mike Pell on December 29, 2013 at 12:51am
Sorry Jon old buddy- man I forgot about my emails!
So the same thing happened to you with the Carpenters, and here's a situation where I am glad I never watch videos.
I don't have to see Richard The Geek, lol!
He's next in line for the throne, right?
Oh no, the smell of passed gas- mine are much better!
And you waited until Boxing Day so you wouldn't have to relive those terrible memories.
Which you did anyway...and it's ALL MY FAULT!!!
Well another thing we share is I don't like having my picture taken either, hate it.
But about that person who wanted to take yours, I am so glad you finally told me what they said...I was on pins and needles, lol!
But good man, I love those leaping punches, gets all your body weight into it...proud of you!
You certainly put the fear into that dude.
THIS is funny!
Then I left the party, went home and watched Caligula (the uncut version). 
Nothing wrong with a hot Cheez-Its dinner, and you had ham the next day?
That's gourmet, I had canned clam chowder...New England style if you're keeping track, lol!
For the vast population of the world, 3 part harmonies are difficult.
Of course, not so for a superhero like yourself!
The Blues are Moody, and so are we.
Jon, I've said it before, you write so well and so humorously, you should be paid to do it.
I've even read your other posts at CRB like when you feature an album- it's chock full of funny lines!
So I am dead serious, you really have a talent!
Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas, you added to mine with your literally laugh out loud writing.
In closing, I can only say, "Please sir...may I have some more?"
That goes for the slop of your memories and also your literary efforts, lol!
Comment by Jon on December 26, 2013 at 9:32am

He Carpenters, right? No way back then I would listen to them, now I kinda dig them. She does have an incredible voice, but watching any videos is funny especially when you see Richard. Geek Squad wads named after him, I think.

The smells I remember from Xmas eve was the smell of passed gas. That's what you get when they feed you chili at the home. Old chili with stale bread. That was our meal. On top of that, we would get spiked eggnog to make sure we slept right thru Xmas day so we wouldn't be whining about not getting any presents. We were told on the 26th that we missed Xmas and Santa took our presents back. Of course we whined about that, but we were soon sleeping peacefully thru the end of the year due to some more of that spiked nog. Spiked nogs from buckets. Wooden buckets, so we got splinters with our spiked nog.

I didn't listen to this Xmas ever as you expected. I waited until Boxing Day so I wouldn't have to relive those terrible memories which I did anyway. THANKS, MIKE!

This past Xmas eve, someone wanted to take my picture. I don't like having my picture taken, but they were tipsy and annoying so I was forced into it. So, I decided to take their picture and you know what they told me? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY TOLD ME?????


THEY told ME that THEY didn't like to have THEIR picture taken. SO what right do they have to take my picture when I don't like it, yet it's not ok for me to take a picture of them because they don't like it?

I punched them after they told me that. One of those leaping punches. Then I left the party, went home and watched Caligula (the uncut version). 

The next day (yesterday), I saw this same person at another party and they didn't say anything. They feared the leaping punch. Everyone fears the leaping punch, as they should.

Xmas eve I ate hot Cheez-Its. That was my Xmas eve meal. Yesterday I had ham, for those keeping track. 

Those Emmylou Harris and S&G songs were really nice. Not nice enough to wipe out my memories though.

What's so yough about 3 part harmonies? I sing 'em in the shower every day? Don't get it. It ain't tough!

The blues. They're MOODY!


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