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Every now and then I take on a big topic, a long series- this will be one of them.
It's something I have wanted to do for years.
And since the Academy Awards, the Oscars, were just this past Sunday night, I decided there is no better time than now.
With all the changes movies have gone through since their inception, I will begin with one thing that has NOT changed.
From there, it's a musical look at Movie Stars (big and small), the Theater Experience, Film Icons, Movies Through The Decades and much, much more that will bring a flood of memories or introduce you to some Classics.
To paraphrase a famous Movie line, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!".
But I think I can guarantee it will be a fun one, with even more surprises than usual along the way.
Trust me...Pilgrim!
Here's the link to get that good seat right in the middle or the last row in the balcony, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on March 2, 2011 at 12:55am
Honestly, I never got to enjoy the balcony that much either.
The first and maybe only time I was up there with a girl, I made my move of putting my arm around her so fast I almost broke my thumb getting it hooked on one of those seat separaters, lol!
While listening to the Drifters song I heard the line about the last row in the balcony, and that made me think of the Eddie Cochran song...and that's how it goes with the free-form thought process.
Are you familiar with him? He did the originals of Summertime Blues and Twenty Flight Rock and others, and is a legend because he only recorded for about two years and died in a car accident over in England, where although a Yank he is still revered.
And although it came out in the 50's, I heard Sittin' In The Balcony for the first time in the 80's or 90's.
35mm Dreams is a terrific song by Garland Jeffreys I have been playing for many years, and the guitar work does grab you.
He is worth looking up and listening to.
Speaking of looking up, it is Valentino looking up girls dresses in the Kinks song, lol!
The previous song, Citizen Kane by the Byrds, I had the hardest time finding.
I thought I had every Byrds album, but I couldn't find that song on any of them, and I really wanted to play it.
I knew it was somewhere because I had played it once before on the radio years ago.
Finally found it on a Best Of collection that had been sent to us at the station!
Glad you liked the John Wayne tribute. 
Like you, he would certainly make my short list of all time cool dudes, and Steve McQueen would too!
If I can remember, I have more to say about The Duke and his connection to Rock & Roll.
And I intend to play a song that is the title of one of his movies, one of the few he dies in, but the song was never used in the movie.
The only one you knew was Marilyn's eh?
Well, she would get your attention, lol!
And what you said I TOOK as a compliment...the highest compliment!
I appreciate it very much, as much as I do your openness to the songs I choose to play.
And oh my are going to think I flipped out when you hear Part Two, lol!
Thanks my friend, for your bright thoughts and open mind,
Comment by Mike Pell on March 2, 2011 at 12:06am
This is a theme that has been simmering for years, building up a playlist in my mind.
You went to soundtracks, and I am so happy to hear I threw you a wrench and I curve, lol!
That is the most fun for me, and it's what I do.
Now I don't think Adam Sandler is all that funny, but I agree that his movies have great soundtracks- and I will probably play something from The Wedding Singer.
I thought it was a good start, and that Garland Jeffreys' song and I have been friends for years.
He is one fine guitarist and that is one great song!
Yeah, there are certain folks I consistently return to- the Kinks, Beatles, Buddy Holly, Moody Blues, etc.
I can almost always find something from them to play for any theme.
And I have to agree about Marilyn Monroe- it's as sexy hearing her breathe as it is watching her, lol!
Now here's the bad part...and please don't get mad at me.
I have a TON of songs picked out, as I said I had been filing them away in my head for years just for the time I actually did these shows.
With the exception of The Wedding Singer soundtrack, I thought of NO OTHERS that you mentioned!
Hahahahahaha, that is almost impossible...but true!
I'll have to re-investigate your valid and terrific suggestions.
But as I said, I think I already have enough to choose from- in fact I still haven't found all the songs yet in my music library. 
So again, please don't be offended if I don't play any that you suggested.
After all, how could I surprise you if I did?
But then I might surprise you if I DO play one or more of them, lol!
The element of surprise is the biggest and best feature of my shows...the part I enjoy the most.
By the way, your Long Shots were brilliant, it embarasses me I didn't think of them, lol!
Thanks for listening, writing, and especially taking the time to think of some wonderful songs.
You're a smart listener and friend,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on March 1, 2011 at 2:30pm

That was quite fun Mike.


Those first two songs both mention the balcony, a sheer pleasure that many folks my age and younger have never gotten to enjoy.  I remember them because we had a couple of downtown theaters when I was young that had them.  But, for the most part, they've disappeared from this area as I'm sure they have in many areas.  You probably still have them in New York, so I'm sure you still get to enjoy them.


That 35mm Dreams song was really cool.  I love the guitar playing. 


I also really liked The Kinks Celluloid Heroes.  And I thought that sounded like The Kinks.  I may have gotten it mixed up with the previous song.  One of the two mentioned, and I think the song was referring to the Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame or whatever it's called, said Valentino was looking up girls dresses.  That cracked me up.


And what a great tribute to John Wayne.  You know, he probably wouldn't make my list of top 10 all-time actors, but he would definitely make my short list for all time cool dudes (along with Steve McQueen).  I don't remember all of the characters and which movie they were in, but I'm pretty sure Sgt. Striker was in The Sands Of Iwo Jima, which was also mentioned in the song.  Is that correct?   Anyway, great tribute.


I'd say that this is the type of show that display's your vast musical knowledge, because the only song here that I'd ever heard was the Marilyn Monroe tune.  And, by the way, that's a compliment.

Comment by Scott on March 1, 2011 at 10:01am

Hey Mike, Great theme!  I have sone favorites fron movies as well. 


Ive always thought that Adam Sandler's movies had great soudntracks (Wedding Singer, Grown Ups, etc...), even if the movie was so-so, the soundtracks were chock full of awesomeness.  Heres a few other real strong soundtracks that come to mind...


Fast Times At Ridgement High

Breakfast Club



OK, my mind went directly to soundtracks and you throw me a wrench right off the bat.  Loved that Garland Jefferies track, never heard of it or him. 


I think RJ and I have underestimated your love of The Kinks.  They seem to show up in most of your shows. haha...


Marilyn Monroe is/was the sexiest woman that ever walked this earth.  Just sayin'


Heres a few tracks that woudl fit in some future shows, since this is a game I like to play, we'll see if we get any hits...  GREAT SHOW As usual!!!!


Superstar - The Carpenters

Right Before Your Eyes - America


Couple of long shots...

Hollywood - Boz Scaggs

Critics Choice - Chicago


I wonder if we'll get to the Drive-In soon....

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