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This is a rerun that goes way back, I think it was only the second show I ever did from home and not at the Radio Station with Engineer Ken Stanley.
I was still working things out- mic placement, surrounding noise, cueing, etc.
Plus being my own Engineer!
In my never-ending attempt to come at our Music from a different angle, I thought for New Year’s I would play you some “NEW” music.
Not really new music, but songs that have “NEW” in their name.
That’s right, all the songs played in both parts of this show have “NEW” in the title!
Simple as that!
And it made for some very odd bedfellows in this opening chapter, lol!
A toast to old and “NEW”, and here’s hoping you enjoy this!
It’s a fun one.
Here are the links to Part One of some Holiday Fun, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

At Soundcloud:


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Comment by Mike Pell on January 2, 2016 at 12:00am
Yes, like how you did that with U2, lol!
I Want A New Drug would have qualified, but I had to go play that damn stupid song  from Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.
In my defense, I don't think I had enough time left to fit it.
With you talking to Jon about The Clash, he posts something about them, and then I play them- you sir, are an oracle, LOL!
Tom Jones, I don't play him often- and Mel's Diner, man I haven't thought of that in years.
I saw snippets of it.
GPell goes to The Clash is a good one.
But I disappointed with the Eagles!. 
Just Sayin', lol!
Thanks for the listen and writing, and Happy New Year my friend,
Comment by Mike Pell on January 1, 2016 at 11:49pm
See you thought I was unaware and I ruined it for you, lol!
That element of surprise!
I cringe when I think that I played that song from Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore!
What the hell was in my mind?
And shocked to learn Martin Scorcese directed the flick.
I've never seen it.
You did learn me, lol!
It really was really all over the place, next part was more structured.
Thanks for the listen and writing, and Happy New Year my friend,
Comment by Scott on December 28, 2015 at 9:17am

Happy New Year Mike!!

U2 kicks off the new year huh?  Not my favorite band but when this song a new (see how I did that?)  it was very a interesting change in the music scene. 

Songs with the word New in them ...  First that came to mind was I Want A New Drug by Huey Lewis, probably not the them you were going for but maybe it qualifies.

You know I was talking to Jon about The Clash a few weeks back and then he posts something about them, and then this!  I'm beginning to think I'm sorta of psychic because it seems I can tell the future when it comes to what people are listening to.

Tom Jones, I've never been able to take him seriously.

Mel's Diner was the TV spin off of the movie, and I think my Dad had a crush on Flo...

Anyway - GPell goes to The Clash but I already knew that. I predict the future GPell will go to an Eagles song.  Just Sayin'!

Comment by Jon on December 28, 2015 at 7:52am

While the Vince Taylor song was playing, I was getting ready to let you know that The Clash had covered that song. Then you ruined that by playing the Clash version. 

As for "Alice", it was based on "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" but with different actors, so that song wasn't in the movie. I believe there were a few well-known rock songs in the movie, but haven't seen it for years. Ellen Burstyn played the title character in the movie which was directed by none other than Martin Scorcese. Sadly, no gangsters were shot in the movie.

So, at least I was able to learn you something!    

Nice show, this was really all over the place.

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