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Back on the Money & Financial Crisis case.
Since I last put out an episode, the Dow Jones dipped 1,000 points in about 20 minutes one day, Greece had to be bailed out (a freakin’ COUNTRY!), Spain’s rating has been downgraded, Ireland is in serious trouble, oil keeps spilling into the Gulf while BP & the Government, aka Dumb & Dumber, stand around with their thumbs up…well maybe their thumbs would be of better use plugging that pipe.
And we keep spending although we don’t have the money!
Things seem better to you?
Plus through all this there are still those entitled-mad people out there who can’t get enough for nothing.
We’ll take a musical look at Easy Money.
People have always attempted to acquire Easy Money- it is almost a time-honored tradition.
And at least it requires some thought for chrissakes, lol!
I have a song in here by David Bromberg that he co-wrote with George Harrison- and I have always felt that is George at the end screaming in a high-pitched female-like voice.
Almost certainly, his recognizable guitar playing is on the record- although no credit is given on the jacket.
And that’s what I wanted to tell you.
I originally played the CD version of the song and something wasn’t right…it was different, not the way I remembered it.
So I dug out the old vinyl LP and went with the one that was comfortable to me.
Actually, I use my decades-old turntable frequently on this Rockollections thing, I just don’t bother to tell you, lol!

Here's the link to Part Five:


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Comment by Mike Pell on April 16, 2011 at 5:15am


Yes, you did.

And I have to keep my poker face when you guys do.

It's true pal, offense was taken, even though I thought I kept it mild.

I think because I clearly leaned somewhat conservative in my thoughts on spending, and those quotes were all from liberal Dems.

And they don't take criticism well...not at all in fact!

What the hell, I didn't make them say those things- they did that on their own without consulting me, lol!

We both agree, the madness and the Blind leading the Blind, and I tried to call them on it.

Maybe I was disrespectful, my respect is given to everyone at first, but must be earned to be kept.

Yeah that's a great Foghat song, and I waited through each same-titled song rocking harder to get to it.

I'll tell them you are waiting for a re-master, the grooves are wearing out, lol!

I think the Bromberg track was simply meant to be funny, he hasn't made too much over the years.

And don't forget, Harrison hung around with the Monty Python guys.

Excellent predictions- got any more?

But don't bet any longshots at the track, lol!
Thanks for listening and writing, and predicting...makes it fun, unless I let you down,


Comment by Mike Pell on April 16, 2011 at 4:51am

Good God, now I am in both color dimensions, lol!


Comment by Mike Pell on April 16, 2011 at 4:50am


Got a borrowed laptop again.

Good top to bottom eh, music to my ears!

I think everybody loves Money For Nothing, if they don't something wrong with them, lol!
I agree, money seems to come to money- the rest of us fret over losing our jobs.
I didn't want to tip my hand too much on
Billy Joel's Easy Money, and glad you liked the Foghat one- if you noticed, I thought my playing them would surprise folks, so I said their name twice, lol!
But what about poor Rikki Lee Jones?
She does great stuff, and that was one of them.
At any rate, I enjoy bringing you guys songs like that, stuff you maybe haven't gotten around to hearing.
Hey man, I precisely know the part you mean about the horns.
I had been waiting for a long time to play those two
Take The Money And Runs, finally had a reason.
Another in a series of terrifically funny lines lately from you (now don't TRY, it won't work that way!):

I thought it sounded somewhat like CSN, but something was missing.  It was the S.

Hahahahahahahahahaha...the S...freakin' brilliant!
Thanks for the listen, writing and the laugh,
Comment by Scott on April 15, 2011 at 10:35am

I called the Dire Straits track back in Part 1.  YES!


I boggles my mind that there are some out there who would take offense to parts of this show.  Then again why should I be surpirsed about how far apart the Liberal and Conservatives are.  Quite frankly I find that both ends of these parties smell pretty rotten!  Ive declared Independant and will remain so for the forseeable future!  I'm up to my eyeballs with people who cant tolerate truths, they pick at what they like and feverishly discredit what they dont.  It must be a terrible existance to have to live that way!  Blind leading the Blind, I just hope we dont vote it back in!  (Did I say that?)


Mike, I agree with you!  Its madness I tell ya!  MADNESS!!!!


Nice pick on the Foghat track!  I love the Stone Blue album, I have it on vinyl, waiting for a remaster!  I hope someone gets to working on that soon!


Interesting choice in the Bromberg track, was it meant to be funny?  It sounds like it not to be taken serious or that they are poking fun at the rich - and therefore poking fun at themselves?


I'm two for two in the predictions from part 1!!!  My long shots remain exactly that, long shots!


See you next time!

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on April 15, 2011 at 10:25am

This show was very good, top to bottom.  Possibly my favorite in the series.


Love Money For Nothing.  I wish I could find some.  It seems like some folks do just fine in that regard. 


And Easy Money by Billy Joel does make an appearance.  My prediction has come true.  I love the tricky time signature of that song.  And I believe there was a movie starring Rodney Dangerfield with the same title. 


The Foghat song of the same title kind of surprised me.  I'm not much of a Foghat fan, but that song is one I haven't heard and I did like it.


Take The Money And Run is a song I've always enjoyed.  When I was a kid I really thought it was cool, especially when he says "Ooooooohhhhh Lord".  Sounds kinda like some of the automobile horns around this area, I kid you not.


The true hidden gem for me in this show was Take The Money And Run by Crosby & Nash.  I thought it sounded somewhat like CSN, but something was missing.  It was the S.  But still, it's a fine, fine song that I haven't heard.


Good job bro.

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