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I am dedicating almost this entire episode to Gold.
It seems that when people lose confidence in their paper currency they turn to it.
While I can understand that, the problem with buying Gold is that it does nothing to help the economy, except for the seller.
People hoard it, an unproductive asset- while even leaving your cash in the bank spurs economic activity, as banks lend against your deposit.
But it is an ancient store of value, and at over $1200 an ounce a tempting one.
There are quite a few songs about Gold, and I just touched the surface here.
In fact, I wanted to play Midas Man by Renaissance, but time constraints worked against it.
Presumably you know that story- everything King Midas touched turned to Gold.
But as a morality tale, that seeming blessing turned into a curse.
So if you know the song, play it in your head, lol!
However I was able to play a related song by the Hollies that should have your memory in overdrive upon hearing it.
One of those forgotten gems from the FM 60’s!
And here’s something you may not have known. I didn’t.
In 1933, during the Depression and soon after Franklin Roosevelt became President, he confiscated almost all privately owned gold, including gold coins.
If you did not turn in your gold, you were subject to jail time- up to 10 years!
Roosevelt did this without Congressional approval, simply issuing an Executive Order.
Without question his actions were unconstitutional, and hey, those Executive Orders…sound familiar?
The next-to-last song in this chapter makes me laugh, and I chose it deliberately as it pertains to my own lack of Money OR Gold.
And here I am trying to warn you as if I were some financial genius, lol!
But I am attempting to do just that, as I believe some real hard times are coming.
Ending the show with a Beatle song…but not by the Beatles.
We’ll wrap things up next week, and I have two separate endings planned.
I hope you join me for the final two parts.

Here's the link to Part Six:


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Comment by Mike Pell on April 18, 2011 at 1:54pm


I know you are kidding about the two Stewarts,lol!

It is a great song though, and nice call on Stevie Nicks on the backing vocals.

Honestly, I never thought to associate the guitar work with Lindsey Buckingham, but I think you are onto something there.

I can't tell you that line is not brilliant, because it IS!

The Power Of Gold by Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weissberg got some FM airplay here in NYC, I even thought it might be an AM hit.

But hidden gems are always fun to come by.

That may have been the first time I ever played Spandau Ballet on the show.

I knew the song and it fit,maybe someday I'll play the OTHER one, lol!

Thanks for the approval of Goldfinger & the Hollies- I was going for greed and those popped up in the old brain.

Hey Jon, I LOVE the Hollies!

Same to Scott for Seger, lol!

Thanks as always for the listen and the interesting feedback,




Comment by RJhog (Admin) on April 15, 2011 at 10:33am

Another fine money episode. 


Love the song Gold by John Stewart (same guy from The Daily Show?).  I have no idea how to punctuate that sentence I just wrote.  Stevie Nicks is obvious on backing vocals, but that guitar work sounds suspiciously like Mr. Buckingham.  I have no idea who it actually is.  This sounds like a Fleetwood Mac song.  And tell me this line is not brilliant, "California girls are the greatest in the world/ Each one a song in the making". 


The true hidden gem for this show, to me, would be The Power Of Gold by the "Bergs".    I'm not familiar with it, but it's very good. 


The song Gold by Spandau Ballet was their second hit, if I remember correctly.  These guys were a 2 hit wonder of the 80s.


Now, the next two choices are what separates the Pell's from the Hogs.  Goldfinger and King Midas In Reverse.   I would have never thought to include those two songs, but you did.  Those were brilliant choices, in my humble opinion.  And hey, somebody other than Jon has to know something about The Hollies around here.


Also, it's always good to here a Seger tune, although the song here isn't one of my favorites.  I bet Scott likes it as he is a definite Seger fan.

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