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Here is the finale of our look at Money and the Financial Crisis.
So I thought we would take a musical look at some of those who TAKE our money, and give little, if anything, in return.
That includes Unions, Gold diggers (not being sexist, they can be of either gender), and the biggest offender of all…the Government.
What do they care? It’s Only Money. And it is not THEIRS!
In between, it is ironic as we have been playing music, that the music industry itself has one of the most shameful histories for cheating artists out of their money.
To close, I have two separate and completely different endings.
One a bad one, and since I couldn’t leave you like that, another a good one.
I also leave with these thoughts.
We currently owe over 14 TRILLION dollars, and according to a Treasury Department report to Congress that will be 19 TRILLION in less than 4 short years, 2015.
Can that amount ever really be paid?
Things don’t look too good for the world either, according to a report today by the IMF below.

IMF: Risks to Global Economy Have ‘Risen Significantly’
Thursday, June 10, 2010
By: Frank McGuire
The RISKS to a robust global recovery have “risen significantly” as many governments struggle with debt, a top International Monetary Fund official has warned.
“After nearly two years of global economic and financial upheaval, shock waves are still being felt, as we have seen with recent developments in Europe and the resulting financial market volatility,” Naoyuki Shinohara, the IMF’s deputy managing director, said in Singapore on Wednesday.
“The global outlook remains unusually uncertain and downside risks have risen significantly,” Shinohara said, according to Britain’s Daily Telegraph.
Countries across Europe are being pressured to slash their deficits, which were deepened by the financial crisis and the governments’ response to it.
Some economists fear that moves by countries ranging from Britain to Spain to rein in public spending at the same time will set back a global recovery, the Telegraph reported.
Europe’s debt crisis could disrupt global trade, hurting demand for Asian exports and sending “hot money” into the region if policymakers fail to act swiftly and appropriately, Shinohara said, according to Reuters.

I have only tried to warn you, so don’t kill the messenger.
There are good people out there working to fix things using the free market system- leave them alone, keep the goddam government out of it, and they will surely succeed.
Good luck to us all!

Here's the link to Part Eight The Conclusion:


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Comment by Mike Pell on April 24, 2011 at 4:22pm
Yeah that was an obscure Who track, but that's what I like- breaking out of that same old same old on today's radio playlists.
I am pretty sure that was the FIRST time I ever played Abba, lol!
You like the the unhappy ending, and sadly that is the one we are heading for.
I wouldn't mind joining Harry Chapin & the Dance Band On The Titanic if I had a naked Kate Winslet with me.
Hottest babe I can think of!
Thanks for the listen, and the bummer ending, lol,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on April 19, 2011 at 9:46am

I always like a tune by The Who.  And that was one I've never heard, so kudos to you. 


Jon would really like the Abba tune, one of his favorite hard rock bands.


I'll take the unhappy ending.  That's what will eventually happen.  We will all go down, except for the politicians, they are well taken care of.  But I love that song about being on the Titanic, very cool.

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