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I will start off this final episode with a few more Real River songs- for Rivers that geographically and specifically do exist.
Then a couple regarding one of America's most famous Rivers, at least in song, that we have been misspelling for well over a century!
I have a behind-the-scenes story about doing a show one time, and Engineer Ken Stanley refusing to play a song that I wanted to come on next.
So while one song was playing, and running down with each second, I was out of the studio insisting the next tune was the way to go, all the while listening to that playing song tick away, knowing I had only seconds to literally run to be back on the microphone.
Ken and I have laughed about that incident for years now.
Particularly in light of what he did next, lol!
I will play that problematic song, and also my vindication for insisting that it was a damn good one.
In between, the most aptly named Artist of the entire Series.
Ending this Theme in an almost Full Circle way, I have a song that refers back to the very first song I played to open it!
Hope you enjoyed the Trip.
Be Kind To Your Rivers!

Here are the links to the Running Water Wrapup, at Mike Pell Rockollections:

At Podomatic:

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Comment by Mike Pell on June 14, 2014 at 9:06pm
I knew you meant Pt.4, those half shows can be confusing.
Good recall, it is an old show- one I did before I started putting them at CRB.
Don McLean does have a great voice- and had a terrific knack for writing smart, clever songs.
The Suwanee River, probably the first time you've spelled it that way, lol! 
Good old good one from Ray Charles, and I noticed it too on that other old song I haven't heard in years, Brian Wilson and other Beach Boys are definitely helping the girls out.
If you have their greatest hits, Loggins And Messina are definitely worth a listen.
Engineer Ken should hear this, you liked Pat Boone's version of Moody River better than Fogerty's, lol!
That was a true story with him and I.
And the Golden Pell, goes to Johnny Rivers- I thought you might give it to him, but wasn't sure.
He may be a staple with you, lol!
That was my favorite set of the episode.
Feel good about coming through and picking you up!
Thanks for the listen, and writing,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on June 13, 2014 at 9:53am

First, I commented "on to part 2" for the last episode, but I should have said "part 4".  Anyway, this picked me right back up.  Loved it.  By the way, is this an old show?  Seems like maybe I heard it on an old, unnamed site.

Don McLean - I believe he has moved into "staple" territory.  You know what I noticed? He really has a great voice.

Songs about the Suwanee River - I really liked both of these.  The first one a lot.  The second one, I thought I heard some Beach Boys or Beach Boys influence, then you said one of 'em married one of 'em.  No wonder.

Last two songs, Paul Simon and Loggins And Messina - Simon is a staple, Loggins And Messina are a duo I'd like to hear more of.  I think I have a greatest hits on cd and maybe one piece of vinyl.  I'll have to check them out.

Now, for the show's sweet spot.  Moody River x 2 and Muddy River.  These songs were terrific.  Believe it or not, I like Pat Boone's version of Moody River better than Fogerty's, but I like Fogerty's just fine.  But for the Golden Pell, that's goin' to Johnny Rivers.  What a great song from a guy with a terrific voice.  Just love his voice.

Way to pick me up bro.

Comment by Mike Pell on June 12, 2014 at 7:09pm
Yeah, Don McLean went weird alright, but having fun with words.
Prophylactics on the river, what better place?
You spelled prophylactics right, did you copy it off one in your wallet?
Were they used? Why are you asking, lol?
Stick with the Yellow River.
Engineer Ken does live & run around in the woods, but every now and then he sends me an email.
Just out of the blue, and I answer and then nothing back.
Wish he would write more, but he is anti-technology.
We did the metal with Pat Boone.
The next topic of my show is going to be Love & Marriage...something I have never in real life taken the vows for.
The problem with suggestions are several.
First, I like to think of the songs myself, but sometimes people do have good ideas.
Second, since I am many times hearing these suggested songs for the first time, I don't have the familiar feel of them- they eiher grab me right away or leave me wondering about them.
The gut feeling of where they may fit isn't there yet, too new to me.
Third, I don't want to insult anybody by NOT playing their suggestion.
And finally, as to the person who guesses the most songs wins a prize, do you really think this LAZY guy that I am would keep count, LOL?
It was just an idea, not a bad one, just an idea- no offense intended.
But feel free to jump on the Wedding Limousine, lol!
Thanks for listening and the all-question writing,
Comment by Jon on June 11, 2014 at 7:33am

Don McLean just went weird. Prophylactics on the river? Were they used? Why am I asking? 

I thought you said Engineer Ken lived in the woods and ran around all day? You still stay in touch with him? Does he have electricity?

The Pat Boone song wasn't bad. He did a metal album, but think we've already discussed that?

Why do I have so many questions?

I didn't predict any of these songs?

Wouldn't that be fun? You tell us what the next topic of your show is going to be and then we guess what songs you might play? 

You did a couple things right?

And then the person who guesses the most songs wins a prize, maybe you can come over and wash their car? In short-shorts?

Just an idea?

A good one?

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