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This is it, the Final Chapter- The End Of Time!
Just think, the Series was inspired by, and started, just a few days after the New Year!
And what a long strange Trip it's been.
I have said before I place a great emphasis on Beginning and Ending Songs in a Series.
In this case I had two, hope you enjoy both.
Time is Precious.
I thank you for spending it with me for all or some of this Look At Time!
Here are the links to the Grand Finale, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

At Soundcloud:


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Comment by Mike Pell on April 8, 2016 at 9:07am
Yes, The Grand Finale, The End, It's Over- The End Of Time As We Know It!
Playing The End by the Doors is not such a bad idea, but I had that one in mind and never considered the Doors.
Eric Andersen was a serious and more unknown song that should be heard somewhere.
I wanted you to feel good and then yank the rug out.
Payback for you being the spoiler for Jon Snow, LOL!
Still picturing him laying in the Jon Snow...DEAD!
Thanks for the listen and writing, not the other, lol,
Comment by Jon on April 7, 2016 at 7:46am

The Grand Finale. 

The End.

It's over.

I saw how much time was left on the show when you mentioned that you were done and thought for a second that you would play "The End" but don't think there was enough time for the whole song.

THe last song was ok, really depressing though. The beginning of the show wasn't so I guess you wanted me to feel good and then yank the rug out. You are a sick, sick man. AND I LOVE IT!!!!

Nice series!

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