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This Series was originally broadcast in the Summer of 2011, so kindly add 4 years to all dates I say.
No theme, group or artist featured for the next few weeks- but a Radio Station!
A now-defunct Radio Station, WOR-FM, that had really only about 14 months of glory- and sadly, it's call letters no longer even exist.
But it was the First Commercial FM to play Rock & Roll, and it laid the groundwork for what was later to be regarded as the best Rock Station Ever, WNEW-FM.
WOR-FM debuted on July 30, 1966, now 49 years ago.
The year before, the FCC made a ruling that made this extraordinary event possible.
And I will play the first song they played on that historic day.
The words GROOVE, GROOVY,  and particularly HAPPENING will pop up frequently during these shows, lol!
For oldsters and youngsters alike, I invite you to join me, because "The Sound Is WOR-FM...New York!"
And here are the Groovy, Happening links to Those Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear, at Mike Pell Rockollections:

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Comment by Mike Pell on July 30, 2015 at 1:03pm
WOR-AM was famous for snowy school closings, lol!
I was young too, and had vaguely heard about some new Rock station WOR-FM, but who the hell had an FM radio then?
I didn't and didn't know anybody who did.
Don't wonder what you would have thought about it back then, you would have jumped all over it with the varied Music you listen to!
They played all kinds of new Music.
Like Scott Muni said, AM wasn't even playing the Top 40, they were playing about 23-26 of the same songs over again with a few Oldies thrown in. 
The thought makes me vomit!
Nice you have some memories of FM stations from NY, WPLJ (best when it was WABC-FM), WNEW, WDHA and WAPP.
Like you, I don't listen to radio anymore.
I never had Sirius.
With VERY few exceptions, they all suck and I don't like commercials either.
Truthfully, I seem to only listen to the playback of my own show.
I LIKE that Pell guy, LOL!
Thanks for the listen and writing, and YOU like that Pell guy too...RIGHT, LOL?
Comment by Jon on July 27, 2015 at 8:02am

I wasn't in the area for WOR FM, but probably wouldn't have listened to it anyway since I was really young. But my dad listened to WOR AM all the time. I think we got school closings from WOR AM.

This was a fun listen. I wonder what I would have thought about it back them if I was old enough and listening to this type of music.  Guess I'll never know. That's life, I suppose.

As I've said before, at least I have memories of some FM stations from NY (WPLJ, WNEW, WDHA and WAPP). Now I don't listen to radio, unless it Sirrus in the car and haven't listened for about 15 years. Probably because they all suck now. Or I don't like commercials. Or talk radio. Or something.

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