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I will open this final episode in the Oldies series with my personal favorite Richie Valens song- you may or may not have heard it before, but it rocks.
For all its fearfulness to adults, early R&R did have some non-threatening figures.
I mean, how scary could Fats Domino be? He has always been just a nice man.
I have an author friend of mine, Lou Miano, who is writing a book on Louis Prima.
He is of the opinion, and there are many others who agree with him, that Prima belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame under the Influences category.
He was apparently a wild man for his time, so a good case can be made.
I’ll play the original version of a song by him, one that was done recently on a Brian Setzer Orchestra album.
Also included in this chapter is a tune by one of the few female rockabilly artists (it was annoyingly almost strictly a boy’s club!), that has Elvis Presley song titles making up most of the lyrics.
We will go out with a set that includes an old radio commercial, dedicated to a couple of places a kid growing up in New York City could go to in the Summertime.
And one of the FEW places you could see R&R artists perform, frequently hosted by the same Cousin Bruce Morrow who will take my place on the radio just for one day!
I do hope you enjoyed the music and this series.
There is just something about the Summer that lends itself to those moldy oldies perfectly.

Here's the final link to this series,


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Comment by Mike Pell on July 27, 2010 at 8:35pm
Yes, Fats did Ain't That A Shame before everyone.
I have thought about doing a show on all those NOT in the Hall Of Fame- like the Moody Blues also, and there is no excuse for that.
But I think I would just mock the Hall mercilessly as I have in the past, lol!
The place is a joke- I'd rather go to the Baseball one!
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on July 27, 2010 at 10:27am
I liked the Fats Domino song. Didn't he make "Ain't That A Shame" famous way before Cheap Trick's outstanding cover version on "At Budokan"? I also had not heard Jailhouse Rock in forever.

With your commentary on Prima, it made me realize that, because there are so many great musicians and bands that aren't in the RNRHOF (like Kiss, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Rush and many, many others), that would be a great show to listen to.

Anyway, great series. Thanks for posting.

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