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Finishing up with our Odds & Ends, something the late Scott McKenzie, of San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers in Your Hair) fame, did with his Music that to my knowledge was unique, and went undetected by listeners.
He re-wrote the same song 3 times in the course of his life!
And that's 3 times I know of, he may have done more.
I've been wanting to play these even before he passed away in 2012.
This is likely the ONLY place you will ever hear these on the Radio!
After that, because December is dominated by Christmas, I've never gotten the opportunity to play some songs with December in their lyrics, and have nothing to do with Christmas.
Give a listen to them, you may never have noticed.
Join me and enjoy!
Here are the links for once again, Music To Be Introduced To Or Remember, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:


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Comment by Mike Pell on December 13, 2015 at 8:34am
I thought I remembered you telling me somebody else had done a cover of the first version of that song.
That's a great song by JT, the album that made him famous- Ist of December is kinda hidden in there, but I am a lyric guy, lol!
Agreed, S&G are always cool.
Hey, you play drums?
Cool. I only play records & CD's!
I love Time Passages,.and I have had other opportunities to play that great song but don't want to overplay it.
And I have the "f" word song too, can't remember the album or song title either.
I was gonna  play that Chipmunk song as the Dreaded Christmas Oldie during my Christmas Spectacular, but it didn't qualify because it came out in 1958.
You'll see what I mean.
Thanks for the listen and writing,
Comment by Jon on December 10, 2015 at 9:11am kinda got a little bit boring with those three songs in a row. I tuned out midway thru the second song on the first run thru, and then tried to keep focus on the second go 'round and it just didn't work. Oh, well. Not everything appeals to everybody, right?

I also missed the JT reference to 12/1 the first time and then caught it on the second. Not a big JT fan, but this song is alright.

S&G are always cool, not matter what you play.

And then to end with Al Stewart. I remember "Year Of The Cat" when it was released, the song got a ton of airplay and the album was featured quite prominently at the record store where I took drum lessons. Didn't like the song back then, but I do have that album and it's awesome. That's the only Al Stewart studio album I have, but I do have a greatest hits disc and of course it has "Time Passages". Great song. There's also a song where he uses the dreaded "f" word, forget what album that song is on. 

Ok, I'm done rambling. Just don't play that Chipmunk song during your Christmas Spectacular.

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