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This is a sort of change of pace show for me.
There is something about The Fall Season that lends itself to a certain melancholy, a wistfulness, as the days get shorter and the nights colder.
That is the case here, as I will be playing more topical Songs For Autumn, and even dip into that Great American Songbook.
For example, the Leaves are a popular song topic at this time of year.
Included is one by Eva Cassidy- the sad story of that artist should be known to you.
She died so young in 1996 and become a star in 1998, too late to reap the benefits.
Although this is November, we'll hear music about October.
Hey, come along with me- it's radio and it can be anytime, anywhere or anything your imagination can muster.
We'll hear my favorite October song- written by Dan Fogelberg, but this time done by his backup band, who called themselves Fool's Gold.
Interspersed throughout will be some Popular Folk Sayings about Autumn from the Farmer's Almanac, etc.
And a fascinating Cherokee explanation of Autumn.
In this chapter we chill out, as more and more, outdoors there is a chill out!
Suggested listening time is a cold night.
But I am greatly pleased ANY time you listen, lol!
Hope you enjoy's the way I way I was feeling that day, and maybe you can relate.

Here's the beautiful, colorful, falling leaves link, to WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on November 12, 2010 at 3:58am
Hey RJ, you changed your little picture box there, and finally made it into Kiss, LOL!
Congrats, send me a gold record.

Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook was what I thought of as well...thank goodnes it wasn't a show from that collection only.

Don't worry, I wouldn't do that to you, lol!
But there is validity to the Songbook idea- would need a lot of research though.
Comment by Mike Pell on November 12, 2010 at 3:54am
Dear Scott,
Wow, glad you liked that one.
I was a little worried about the lack of rockers.
Part Two will be here when you read this.
Very funny comment about the Great American Songbook and Rod Stewart, LOL!
Might do a series about that someday, but not just Stewart!
Now as I wrote to RJ, I am liking Van Morrison so much more as the years go by- not sure why but it has been happening for a good long while now.
Very happy you felt that music "in context" can change the whole listening experience.
That's one of the main things I try to do.
Figured you'd know about Eva Cassidy- real bummer there.
I took the Fogelberg death hard, some of them hit you more than others.
Have you heard Dan's own version of Old Tennessee?
I am ashamed to admit I don't know your favorite song about Trees by Rush.
But yours is definitely NOT a simple mind, lol!
So you and the wife are JT fans- makes for a happy, romantic couple as I see it.
And you are another guy with mild Novembers?
Man I've had the winter coat on for over a week, we've been in the 30's at night and a few days too!
That IS weird, a bunch of birds flying North!
Get them a GPS, lol!
Hope you enjoy the end half, and thanks for writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 12, 2010 at 3:31am
Dear RJ,
Fall is a great time of year!
But no kidding, it is still in the mid-70's where you are in Georgia?
What the hell is it in the Summer, LOL?
It's been in the 30's here in NYC!
Van Morrison is unbelievable, and I originally liked his hits and some album cuts, but as I get older I more and more realize just how brilliant he is!
Going back and listening to the old stuff, and keeping up with his new material, he and I are coming together as I now hear things I did back then, or would have now, overlooked.
Eva Cassidy is such a sad story- that lady could sing!
If you thould Old Tennessee was good by Fool's Gold, I gotta play you it by Fogelberg.
I can see how those next October songs might not work for you, but you did like the Nancy Wilson song.
I was concerned I would lose my Rock & Roll credibility by playing all those songs, but that was my mood that day and so I went with it..
And I said it would a change of pace for me.
Well, Part Two will be here now.
Don't worry, I get my Rocker status back, even if it is not in this next one, lol!
A Wooley Worm?
I'm still trying to figure out What's He Building In There, lol?
Thanks for listening, staying awake and writing, and I'll meet you at Hooters,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 10, 2010 at 11:03am
Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook was what I thought of as well...thank goodnes it wasn't a show from that collection only.
Comment by Scott on November 10, 2010 at 10:53am
Reading your show talking points I caught onto the "Great American Songbook" comment, either were going way Retro or you've invested in Rod Stewart's last 5 CD's. hahaha, ok, shows starting, here we go...

I just completed a look back at some bands I love which included former Van Morrison guitarist Ronnie Montrose. Weird connection that really has nothing to do with this show. I'm not a big Van Morrison fan, and this one wont help me out there, but it was very appropriate for the show opener. There is something about music "in context" that changes the whole listening experience.

I recall the sad story of Eva Cassidy, rough ... Nice track.

Like the Fogelberg tune. Another artist who passed too soon, Do I sense a trend? I gotta admit that your commentary of the Trees, made me think of my favorite song about Trees, by Rush, appropriately titled "The Trees". See how a simple mind works?

I'm a James Taylor fan. He gets a lot of airplay around here as my wife also loves his work. Nice cut from a nice CD.

The Almanac must be from the North, Novembers are usually fairly warm down here. Although today is a bit chilly, we have been forecasted a mild winter. Hang on just a second, something funny outside my window... ok, I'm back, it was just a bunch of birds flying North. Now isn't that a weird site in November?

Great show Mike
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 10, 2010 at 9:27am
***Spoiler Alert***(song titles revealed, so listen first)

That was very enjoyable Mike. Fall is a great time of year, unfortunately here in Georgia it's usually still quite warm in September and early October. We are in November and finally getting temps in the mid-70's during the day.

When The Leaves Come Falling Down - I could tell that was VM, but I've never heard the song. It's a great song with nice harmonies. VM is one of those artists that I need to purchase more of his material.

Autumn Leaves - Wow! That is truly a haunting, beautiful song, made even more so by the story of her career you told. Very sad. She had a wonderful, beautiful voice and I thought that this would work so well in a really sad movie.

Old Tennessee - Another excellent song that's new to me. You know, that really sounds like it could easily be a Dan Fogelberg tune :-) But seriously, as much as I don't like the Tennessee Volunteers football team, this song is terrific.

October Road - I could tell it was JT, but it's new to me. This one was just okay, not bad at all though.

October Reasons - Another new one to me. Again, not bad, just not really working for me.

When October Goes Away - I like this one a lot. Didn't know it was Nancy Wilson as I'm not familiar with her work, but she has a great voice and I could listen to this any time.

Mike, I have a question for you...what is a Wooley Worm?

I like the anecdotes about Fall, and yes, I'll see you at Hooters!!

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