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I am back and so is my computer (more on that later), and we will finally listen to Side Two.
The long length of The Beatles' Abbey Road album left little time to really get deep into it on a slightly less than hour show.
So it was decided we would do TWO shows, as the importance of the Beatles and the album, when originally released and still today, was of such a magnitude it would be worth it.
The use of the brilliant book BEATLESONGS by William J. Dowlding provided us with firsthand quotes, little-known facts and details about the production of each song.
Including: where each song idea came from, who contributed how much to each song, changes to titles, lyrics and music, the instrumentation used- and John, Paul, George and Ringo's own thoughts on the songs development.
I was with Engineer Ken Stanley back then, and with the addition of some other unrelated but what you will find interesting music, we were able to flesh out the shows with less me and more tunes, lol!
So please join me for an intense and intellectual listen to one of the all-time Classic Albums.
Here's the link to Part Three and why did the Beatle Cross The Road?, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on April 27, 2011 at 2:28am
That is a great book I found and was reading from, takes every Beatle song and has some fascinating stuff.
The Paul is dead was the most fun, with all kinds of clues in the lyrics, album covers, etc.-  I never believed it but had a blast following and participating in it, lol!
Here Comes The Sun, well, I guess you can say that about many songs when you think about it, a really is a good song when you just sit down and listen to it. 
Have you heard Because on the Anthology series, where it is just those harmonies isolated?
Unbelievably outstanding!
I'll have to find a reason to play it, and I agree it is the best.

The Sun King was interesting in that it referred back to Here Comes The Sun. 

The Beatles were always cool like that...they hung the moon, lol!

Thanks for the listen and the words,


Comment by RJhog (Admin) on April 26, 2011 at 10:45am

Once again Mike, I really enjoy listening to the commentary and tidbits about the making of the album.  The Paul is dead stuff sort of fascinates me.  Could you imagine if that was actually true?


I'm not familiar with the majority of the songs here except for Here Comes The Sun.  I never cared for it that much, but it really is a good song when you just sit down and listen to it. 


The song Because is probably my favorite from this show.  The vocal harmonies are spectacular.  I agree with George in that it's probably the best harmonizing on a Beatles record, at least the ones I'm familiar with. 


The Sun King was interesting in that it referred back to Here Comes The Sun. 



Comment by Mike Pell on April 24, 2011 at 4:40pm
Side 2 of Abbey Road is the best side of ANY album EVER!
Here Comes The Sun is a great song for the Spring isn't it?
I saw Paul McCartney live in concert at Madison Square Garden almost exactly 9 years ago, April 27th, 2002!
That clip was so funny!
And the guy sounded just like John Lennon.
That was a brilliant find by you...loved it!
Thanks for listening & writing & the laugh,
Comment by Niels (Mod) on April 23, 2011 at 3:42pm

Side 2 of Abbey Road, is the best side on any Beatles-album!!

"Here Comes The Sun" was in many years my favorite Beatles-track. I'ts still in the top 5.

I once "pinched" myself, when I saw Paul McCartney live in concert, when he started "You never give me your money" on piano. He sings so great on that track.

Ringo's drumming on "Sun King" reminds me of this clip at around 2:15 (sorry about the finnish subtitles):





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