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Artist: Dio

Genre: Heavy Metal

Country Of Origin: United States

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: Holy Diver

Released: May 25, 1983

Producer: Ronnie James Dio

Song Of The Week: Holy Diver

Since it's First Friday, and for your pleasure this week, we celebrate another 30th anniversary.  It's the debut from Dio.  As I'm sure you know, Dio is the band created by Ronnie James Dio after his departure from Black Sabbath.  Below are some facts and observations about the album:

  • The album reached as high as 56 on the American chart while being certified Platinum by the RIAA (Wikipedia).
  • This album was recorded at Sun City Studio in Los Angeles, the subject of Dave Grohl's documentary that came out earlier this year (Wikipedia)
  • The demonic monster on the album cover is known as Murray (not a very evil sounding name) and serves as the band's mascot (Wikipedia)
  • Supposedly, if you view the Dio logo upside down, it spells either "die" or "devil" (Wikipedia).
  • Vivian Campbell was the band's original lead guitarist.  He appeared on the next two studio albums as well before eventually landing in Def Leppard.
  • This is a terrific album and the best in the Dio catalog if you ask me.
  • I love Vinny Appice's drum work on this album.
  • How cool is that album cover?

1. Stand Up And Shout

2. Holy Diver

3. Gypsy

4. Caught In The Middle

5. Don't Talk To Stranger

6. Straight Through The Heart

7. Invisible

8. Rainbow In The Dark

9. Shame On The Night


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How has no one responded to this yet?

Well, it should come as no surprise to find that I love this album as I pretty much love everything Dio has ever done.

1 reply on this epic?  Shameful!  C'mon bottom feeders, where are you!!!!  At least I can say I was on vacation...


This is one of those rare albums where you remember where you were when you first heard it and I was at a buddies house in his driveway playing some hoops, when he drug the speakers outside and threw this on.  Life changing!  Stand and Shout has got be one of the top 10 best album openers ever! 


Put this at the top of my wish list for the Deluxe Edition treatment and Remastering and I'm first in line to buy it, even before Jon gets there!  Now comes news that the original Dio band will be touring and playing these tunes live is great news!  It would be good to see Vivian Campbell assaulting me with these riffs instead of the pop rock rehash of past days that Def Leppard has put out lately, maybe it will inspire him to write something of this magnitude again!


Killer post and a shame others haven't chimed in yet!

I'm surprised you like the touring idea seeing as how there will be a stand in singing.

I believe Lawrence Gowan is going to be the singer. 

I just threw up in my mouth ....

I'm waiting to streike at just the right moment. I have it, but will still listen to it. Patience my young Padewan. Patience. 

It's a classic, and I loved it, when it was released, and yes, I remember when I bought it. I bought it in may '83, the same day I bought "Piece Of Mind". But where "Piece Of Mind" took a few listenings, this album I got pretty tired of rather fast, and the next few Dio-albums I bought, had the same effect on me. There were a good line-up on this album: To me, Vivian Cambell is The Dio-guitarist, and I will never really accept him as a member of Leppard. Vinnie Appiece is great, and should had been the replacement for Bill Ward in today's Sabbath. Jimmy Bain was Dio's old pal from Rainbow, and made this a complete Rainbow/Sabbath-lineup with a young promising guitarist, just like the ones Ozzy had in his bands."Last In Line" was a dissapoinment, because only the title-track was good imo. The last one I bought was "Dream Evil" (wasn't it called that?) in ...'86-'87, and I don't even think, I heard more than side 1, and only once. But this one is a true classic, and I might just buy a deluxe-version, if it is worth the price. I will probably only listen to it once or twice, though. I know, a lot of you thinks Dio's albums are great, but I don't. Dio made the best albums together with Rainbow and Sabbath. And what's with that rainbow? Why does he put a rainbow in the lyrics in so many of his songs. "Dongeons and Dragons"? Nah, I'm too old for this shit. 

I didn't like Dio when this came out.  No real reason, he just wasn't on my radar.  I have only recently gotten into his music, including Sabbath and Rainbow in the last few years.  But I will say that I wish I would have known better, I missed a lot of great material back then.

You should check out Magica, that's a cool one as well!!  The way I hear it, was that he was working on Magica Part 2 at the time of his death, wonder how far he got! 

I never got on this thread earlier because I bought this on vinly when it first came out. Recorded it onto cassette, so I could listen to it while in the car. Have had it on CD for many years...and it's still in medium rotation.

For me, this is a top 25 album of all time. Of all time! That's how good I think it is. Rainbow InThe Dark is the only song I've gotten tired of over the years (still a great tune, though). My favorites from this are "Invisible" (one of my top songs of all time!!) and "Straight Through The Heart". But every track is great.

On a side note, the Dio live in concert DVD of this is outstanding. It was shot on a night when the band did the entire album during the show, in the correct running order as well. There are other songs on the concert DVD, but "Holy Diver" is played completely. I believe it was a 20 or 25 year Holy Diver anniversary show.

Doug Aldrich is the guitar player on that DVD, and after seeing it, that is when I realized Doug is one of the top guitar players anywhere. Ane even though Vivian Campbell is an awesome player, Doug Aldrich is even better. Definitely an awesome concert DVD.

Funny you should mention Doug Aldrich.  He has a band named Burning Rain that has an album coming out in May.  I've never heard them at all, but I saw this on today.   Sounds like it's worth checking out.

Cool! Thanks for the link. And I am definitely interested in checking out this new band. Aldrich is a strong writer, as well.

And maybe I need to edit my post's a little better...TWO spelling mistakes on my post above! Oh, the shame...the shame!!


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