Classic Rock Bottom



Side One:


1. Rock And Roll Never Forgets

2. Night Moves

3. The Fire Down Below

4. Sunburst


Side Two:


5. Sunspot Baby

6. Main Street

7. Come To Poppa

8. Ship Of Fools

9. Mary Lou


This week's selection is the 1976 offering from Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band. Night Moves, and although it's not my favorite Bob Seger album (that would go to the follow up, 1978's Stranger In Town), it is packed with some pretty tight music. As a matter of fact, it contains my second favorite Seger tune, Main Street. If a casual Bob Seger fan were to look at the playlist, he or she would immediately recognize several songs. However, if that same person wrote off the rest of the album, he or she would surely miss some mighty fine hidden gems.


Singles released from the album are Night Moves, Main Street and Rock And Roll Never Forgets. The first was a major hit, the second was another fairly big hit, while the third was more of a minor hit. But, these 3 songs along with The Fire Down Below, Sunspot Baby, and Come To Poppa continue to get airplay today on any decent classic rock station. Of those songs, my favorites would be Main Street and Night Moves, but all six of them are really outstanding tracks.


So, out of 9 tracks, so far we have 3 excellent singles and 3 excellent album cuts. What about the other 3 songs? Well, one of those is Mary Lou, the last track on the album. This is the only one that I would possibly skip. It's not bad, but just the weakest on the album, in my opinion of course. The other two are fantastic hidden gems that you've probably never heard. Sunburst is a really cool song. It basically tells the story of a rock star, one night in the spotlight. I love the piano playing on this one. Ship Of Fools would be the other hidden gem. Another storytelling song, this one with simple but superb guitar playing. So don't write these songs off, just because you haven't heard them before.


All in all, this is probably my second favorite album by Seger. It's very easy to find on Amazon, only about 8 bucks for a remastered disc. The artwork is very simple, just a picture of Seger, but I think it's really cool.


My Favorite Song Award: Main Street


Hidden Gem Award: Very tough choice this week, but I'm going with Sunburst.


Potential Skipper: Mary Lou



***Click the following link to listen:  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves

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First album I ever bought!  I must disagree on this being his second best, by far (and I mean not even close) it is his best!


My hidden gem, as has been posted in SHT, is Sunspot Baby.  Classic artist and a classic album!  I think Ive bought this on every type of media possible, including a a CD reproduction of the album including cardboard cover, inner sleeve and the label imprint on the disc.  Cool stuff!

I knew you would like it, and I knew it that it was your favorite. 

Loads of sentimental value in this music!  Never gets old...

I know absolutely nothing about Bob Seger, but I'll take a listen.


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