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Album: Sign In Please

Band: Autograph

Released: 1984

Label: RCA

Producer: Neil Kernon

Chart Performance: #29 US

Certification: Gold

Singles: Turn Up The Radio (#29 US Hot 100)/Send Her To Me (Did Not Chart)

Notes: Lead guitarist Steve Lynch claims that the band's signature song, Turn Up The Radio, was recorded late in the process and that the record label did not want it included initially.  According to me, I always thought that they sounded like Def Leppard on that track.  Seems like I had the album in some form, probably on cassette, but that is nowhere to be found.  I recently re-acquired the album in the CD format, which is what you hear here. You can find it on Amazon for about eleven dollars.


1. Send Her To Me

2. Turn Up The Radio

3. Night Teen & Non-Stop

4. Cloud 10

5. Deep End

6. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me

7. Thrill of Love

8. Friday

9. In The NIght

10. All I'm Gonna Take

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My thoughts on this one are HERE!

Have to agree with you, aside from the hit song, its not a real strong album.  I wrote over on facebook (where people sometimes read what I write) that the album was full of 80's hard rock cliches...  and it is! Chock full!  Not a bad listen just not a good one either....

Who in the world would not read what you write?

It definitely is disappointing that such a great slice of 80's rock like "Turn Up The Radio" ended up being surrounded by such at best mediocrity.

Whoo boy.....

It's taken me a week to write this.

So, I had this when it came out. Definitely listened to this once since I had it and think I never listened to it again until 30+ years later. Other than that one song, I should have memories of another song or two from this album and I just don't. I'm thinkin' that I listened to this only once back then because it is bad. Really, really bad. Even that one song really isn't that good and I can't remember any of the other songs after a week. Nothing grabs and sticks with me at all, obviously. 

Big question: Is this worse than Poison?   


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