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Album: We Can't Dance

Artists: Genesis

Released: 1991

Label: Atlantic/Virgin

Producer: Genesis/Nick Davis

Chart Performance: #4 US/#1 UK

RIAA Certification: 4 X Platinum US/5 X Platinum UK

Singles: No Son Of Mine (#3 US/#6 UK)/I Can't Dance (#2 US/#7 UK)/ Hold On My Heart (#16 UK)/Jesus He Knows Me (#24 US/#20 UK)/Never A Time (Did Not Chart)

Notes: We Can't Dance is the fourteenth studio album for Genesis.  This was the last studio album for the band to feature Phil Collins.  As a side note, only one additional studio album followed this one.  The single I Can't Dance received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals in 1993.  The band normally divided lyric writing duties, but Phil Collins wrote the majority of lyrics for this album.  Since I Lost You was written by Collins for Eric Clapton, as this was during the time that Clapton lost his young son.  The album runs long, as there are two songs that exceed ten minutes in running time.

The CD is still available as an import for 13.99.


1. No Son Of Mine

2. Jesus He Knows Me

3. Driving The Last Spike

4. I Can't Dance

5. Never A Time

6. Dreaming While You Sleep

7. Tell Me Why

8. Living Forever

9. Hold On My Heart

10. Way Of The World

11. Since I Lost You

12. Fading Lights

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I'm going to have to dig this one out and give it a listen before commenting. I know I liked it, but it has been a while since I played the album.

This is better than their previous album by a ton. That album seemed like a sellout (and it DID sell) and, while this one had some songs that got quite a bit of airplay, it also was their proggiest album since ABACAB.'s a bit boring and bland. Oh, well. 


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