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Album: The Big Prize

Artists: Honeymoon Suite

Released: 1985

Label: Warner Bros (US)

Producer: Bruce Fairbairn

Chart Performance: ?

RIAA Certification: Platinum (Canada)

Singles: Bad Attitude (DNC)/Feel It Again (#16 Canada/#34 US)/What Does It Take (#28 Canada/#52 US)/All Along You Knew (DNC)

Notes: No fancy-shmancy notes this week.  Just a few words from yours truly.  I picked this up in an online purchase recently and popped it into the CD player yesterday.  To be completely honest, I assumed I was hearing the album for the first time as I just couldn't remember anything about it.  But man, when it started playing, it all came back to me.  I owned it at one time because every single song was familiar, and every single song was outstanding.  I must have had it on cassette.  I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed hearing this again.  I will be spinning it again soon.  It's just so melodic and perfect to me.  That's what I think.

Looks like it's still in print and around 16 dollars on Amazon.

1. Bad Attitude

2. Feel It Again

3. Lost And Found

4. What Does It Take

5. One By One

6. Wounded

7. Words In The Wind

8. All Along You Knew

9. Once The Feeling

10. Take My Hand

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I had this set in my "i feel like listening to this" section and here it is. Are you watching me? Freak!!!!

Good album, but it kind of goes a little bit down after the first two songs. Those I can listen to quite a bit, the others not so much. Still, it's a good listen. 


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