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Album: Marauder

Artists: Blackfoot

Released: 1981

Label: Atco

Producer: Al Nalli/Henry Weck

Chart Performance: #48 US

RIAA Certification: ?

Singles: Fly Away (#42 US)

Notes: Quick post coming at you this week.  Thought I would collude with Jon, except he had no input into my choice.  Anyway, this is out of print so you would have to get a used copy (around 10 bucks on Amazon after you account for shipping).  Or, you could get the Original Album Series which has 4 additional albums (which is what I have) for around 16 dollars.  

Side One:

1. Good Morning

2. Payin' For It

3. Diary of A Working Man

4. Too Hard To Handle

5. Fly Away

Side Two:

6. Dry County

7. Fire Of The Dragon

8. Rattlesnake Rock 'n' Roller

9. Searchin'

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Actually, you should still be able to get the Rock Candy remaster of this, wouldn't think it was OOP since the other ones are still available. Plus, they sound MUCH better than the ones from that set.

Good album, not as good as Strikes, but still good. Good Morning flat-out ROCKS.

Hey, that birdy on the cover. Its eye doesn't follow you around the room. That's weird.

I'm gonna stare at it some more.....


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