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ALTER BRIDGE Guitarist Mark Tremonti Hears New VAN HALEN Album Front To Back, Says "It Was Incredible"

In an interview with Mulatschag TV, ALTER BRIDGE guitarist Mark Tremonti discusses his relationship with VAN HALEN, and talks about the legendary rockers' upcoming new studio album.
Tremonti states: "Recently I was in Los Angeles and Wolfgang (Van Halen, bass) invited me to his Dad's house and I got to go to 5150 studios and watch Eddie (Van Halen, guitar) and Alex (Van Halen, drums) and Wolfgang play their new record from front to back... I'm one of the only people who have heard the new Van Halen. It was incredible."

Watch the interview below:

Van Halen have been in the studio with Grammy Award winning producer John Shanks, recording their first album with David Lee Roth in more than 25 years, and their first new music as a band in seven years.

Shanks has worked with likes of BON JOVI, FLEETWOOD MAC and STEVIE NICKS, as well as massive pop acts including MILEY CYRUS, BACKSTREET BOYS, ALANIS MORISSETTE and CÉLINE DION.

A release is expected in the fall which coincides with the recent announcement that for the first time Van Halen will take their reunion outside of the US and Canada, headlining Australia's Soundwave Revolution on the following dates:

24 - Brisbane Revolution
25 - Sydney Revolution
30 - Melbourne Revolution

1- Adelaide Revolution
tba - Perth Revolution

Further updates to follow.

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Im on the bandwagon....
You know, I kinda get tired of all the discussion on something that seems like a very unlikely possibility.  Yet I get psyched when I read something like this, especially coming from somebody like Tremonti.  Therefore, I keep posting these headlines.  Nobody would be happier than me if we actually got a DLR fronted VH album that doesn't suck. 
Who was it a couple years ago that heard new Van Halen music and said it was great? And then we never heard it? maybe it's the same batch of songs. I'm on too, but ain't holding my breath...yet.
If we ever do get new Van Halen music, it will be a "must buy", without having to hear anything first at all!! long as it ain't like "III".

Yeah "III" was...well, it was weird!! That is the best way to descibe it for me. Eddie, Alex, Michael, and add Gary Cherone? How could it not be great? But it wasn't very good at all, was it? But I made the mistake of buying it "unheard".


The thing about that album that was the weirdest...was the production!! You know they had plenty of studio time to make it sound good, but it was a terrible sounding record! I'm not even talking about the average (at best!) songs, but just the over-all production was just bad! Very, very weird record.

I didn't even notice the production because of the crappiness of the songs. Now, thanks to you, I have to whip it out and take a listen. This will be the fourth time I've listened to this album since the day it came out. Thanks a lot!

Just take my word for it! It sounds like its some independent band that had a few thousand

dollars, or just a couple of hours to record it. The guitar sounds crummy, the vocals sound crummy...just a bad job altogether.

Wolfgang Van Halen 
Do I detect contempt on your part?

That's right. I've said it before: As far as I'm concern, it's not really Van Halen without Anthony.

And as I read it, Tremonti said it was incredible, that he's one of the few people, who have heard the music. Not, that the MUSIC was incredible.

If it's great, I'll buy it of course, but why should they make a great record in 2011?? Why now and not before???? I'm sure it was an intention that III should be a great record. And what about Roth. Does he still drive an ambulance as his "daytime job"? I don't think, there's any heart in it anymore. There's no hunger, and therefore the album IF there's a record, will probably suck. I'll hope, they'll prove me wrong!!

Well, I have no doubt that Alex will be great on the drums.  Wolfgang will probably be okay on bass, but I will really, really miss Anthony's backing vocals.  Also, can Dave still sing and how will the greatest guitar player ever perform (most of my question marks come from bits I've read that came out of Hagar's mouth).  As far as Dave goes, I thought he progressively sounded worse as his solo albums went along, and I didn't like his vocals at all on the two new songs from the greatest hits album.


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