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Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey, a teacher who's style is, shall we say, less then professional. The movie starts at the end of the school year and the faculty is having a little meeting before being dismissed for the summer break. The principal notes that they are going to be saying goodbye to one of the teachers, Ms Halsey, as she is going to be getting married over the break and not be teaching anymore... or so she thinks. When Elizabeth gets home to her fiance, she finds him and his mom there waiting for her... she is being dumped and kicked out.


The beginning of the next school year comes and Elizabeth has reluctantly opted to go back to teaching at the same school. The school year starts with her taking it easy in class by simply having the kids watch movies every day. As the days go by and she is looking for a new guy, she gets further and further convinced that what she needs is larger breast. She visits a plastic surgeon and gets an estimate of the cost and realizes its going to be awhile before she can get her new chest. She comes up with a few ideas on how to bring in some money but knows its painfully slow. She learns though that there is a way of earning a bonus though.. she simply just has to have her class show the biggest improvement in a yearly test score that is administered by the state. She gets her hands on the test early and is of course able to teach her kids exactly what they need to know and wins the bonus. While she's chasing one teacher, the gym teacher is chasing her, hoping that they can date... she shuns him though... mostly just because he's a gym teacher.


Bad Teacher wasn't a bad movie.... and wasn't a great movie either. The humor is often a bit crude and coarse so its not going to be a movie for everyone. If you don't mind that kind of humor though, you'll probably get enough out of the film to at least rent it when its hits DVD unless you make it to a theater. Myself, I enjoyed it enough that it was worth my while to go see but can't promise that you'll all like it.


I'm gonna give this movie a 7 out of 10!

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I cant see this being anything more than a ridiculously poor attempt at crude humor.  When we will see a well thought out and written comedy again?  Im guessing it will be many years from now....


I wouldnt go see this for free...


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