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First, a little housekeeping.  I forgot to mention in the initial Band Of The Day thread that if a band repeats as champion for up to 10 days, they will be retired from competition.  That being said, here is your new challenger for current reigning champ Black Sabbath:



Black Sabbath

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Rush lost? This "fun little exercise" isn't fun anymore....

I'm going with KISS begrudgingly!

Well, I don't know who will win this match-up, but even if it is Kiss, tomorrow will be quite interesting.  I thought I'd come out of the box with some heavyweights, which is why we've seen Thin Lizzy, Rush, Black Sabbath and Kiss so far.  Whenever one of these heavyweights takes 10 in a row, we'll re-set and go with some light heavyweights.

I'll take Kiss in this one.

But I realize all the bands I like will be voted out right away, if they are even IN these competitions.

So if you don't see me bothering to vote, you know the reason why.


No problem Mike.  But stay tuned.  There will be bands that you like, and some will win.  I can think of 2 right now that are possibly unbeatable.  I'm holding them back for a bit.

Ok, and at least I do follow along with the bands in contention.

But as with Rush & Thin Lizzy, I LIKE both of them.

However I get a headache trying to choose between them, lol!

You must make a choice.  That's what makes it interesting.

Scratch the 10 day rule above and insert a 5 day rule for champions retirement.  

Rush lost? What the hell happend, while I was sleeping??

Another tough one, but my guts says Black Sabbath.

My Choice Black Sabbath !

Black Sabbath. There's no way they should be eloyed by Kiss.

Black Sabbath



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