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First, a little housekeeping.  I forgot to mention in the initial Band Of The Day thread that if a band repeats as champion for up to 10 days, they will be retired from competition.  That being said, here is your new challenger for current reigning champ Black Sabbath:



Black Sabbath

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Kiss for me.

Kiss is up 8-4 right now including FB votes.

Facebook-user's are wankers

Good one NIels!! They are "King Daddy Mongo Wankers"!!  (that was the name of a mens softball team I played on once. I asked the coach just what the heck was a "King Daddy Mongo Wanker?" He said, it means "we have big ones". I laughed and said, "it probably means WE ARE big ones!!

But make this very tough choice...I went into the void, looked through a hole in the sky, where it got hotter than hell, so I smoked some sweet leaf, drank some cold gin, became an Iron Man, riding on a war machine, got a little paranoid...forever...decided I had nothing to lose, so I went to see the wizard, who told me that all hell was breaking loose, so I started living for today...when I ran into Delilah, who I asked to take it off, just for the thrill of it all. But she said only fairies wear boots, ya gotta believe me. So i asked her to take me...but she slapped me with the hand of doom, so I told Doctor Love she was a lady evil, who shocked me so much I was headed to an electric funeral. But even though I'm the king of the night time world, I''m quite frankly stuck between heaven and hell with this difficult choice!!

So, I give Black Sabbath 50.1 percent of my vote, and Kiss 49.9 percent.


I nominate this as CRB response of the year...

I second that.



Kiss defeats Black Sabbath 11-5.  Day 4 very soon.


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