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Everybody has their favorite bands, and usually, a person would own a good bit of material from their favorite bands.  But how about those bands that you've always wanted to get to know a little better.  Use this thread to list at least 5 bands whose material you'd like to own more of.  I'll list 5 here:


1. Rush - I haven't seen all of the new documentary, but what I did see has peaked my interest. 


2. E.L.O. - Everytime I hear a song by ELO I wonder why I don't own more of their material


3. The Allman Brothers Band -  I do have a greatest hits box set, but I'd really like to pick up some studio albums.


4. Tom Petty - Again, I only have a greatest hits disc and now Mojo.  I've got Damn The Torpedos on my Amazon wish list but I also want Hard Promises.


5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - I have a greatest hits disc and Deja Vu, but as much as I love the vocal melodies from this band, I'm not sure why I don't own more.

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1. Free - some day, I'm going to buy a few albums, or a greatest hits

2. UFO - I don't know as much, as I "should". Where do I start, Jon?

3. The Grateful Dead - I'm curious about them, but I don't know if i'll ever get to it.

4. Styx - I've only heard "Killroy was here"

5. Journey - I heard one song, some time ago, and I REALLY like it, but I can't remember the title. I have to dig into it.
I'd like to hear more from Free.

And I'm a big Journey fan so I like that you want to get more into them.

Man, was I wrong back then?!

None of these bands have my interest what so ever at this moment.

Now, probably to RJhog's big surprise, I would like to know, if there are some great Prog-albums out there, that I'm not aware of. I am also a bit curious about King Crimson.

I'd like to "take up" this discussion once more, because after I've recently bought my way in to Spotify, I've heard many great albums, that I knew of, but hadn't really heard before, becuase I've never been a millionare.

Not at all to my surprise, I still think, that the greatest music was made around 1970-1975, maybe 1976 (Punk really did a lot of damage), and that certainly also is the rule rearding Alice Cooper. I guess, I've been listening to the wrong (80's) albums all this time, but now I've heard all of albums up until "..Goes To Hell", and I REALLY like, what I'm hearing. PROG is a four-letter word right now!

I've also listened to all of the Jethro Tull-albums from that periode, that I hadn't heard before, because of some lousy reviews, that I believed in all this time, but there are really some great albums, that I haven't heard before, escpecially "Benefit".

I've also enjoyed all of Elton John's output from this periode. also great stuff! After 1976, he wasn't/isn't that good anymore.

I have to listen to some old Bad Company and UFO-albums some of these days, to see, what I have missed out on.

This is a great way to discover al the great music, that you've missed earlier on!

Let's do it... I too think that the early 70s produced some great stuff. Recently I've been picking at some of the Grand Funk albums and these guys are great! Were An American Band is top to bottom killer! Makes me want explore that era of the band more

Grand Funk Railroad. Check! I will listen to some of their early stuff.

Start with Were An American Band... That's my recommendation, their real early stuff, while very good can sound dated...

I thought their red album was good.  I think it's titled Grand Funk.

Niels, I definitely recommend you exploring more of the Journey & Styx catalogs. They are rock staples for me & essential to my musical roots & foundation. Both bands are in my personal Hall Of Fame & I am familiar with their entire catalogs. Listed below is the heart of both catalogs that I deem absolute essentials.



Crystal Ball

The Grand Illusion

Pieces Of Eight


Paradise Theater







Mike, I'm sure it's an oversight, but you left off Cyclorama for Styx, which I know to be Scott's most favorite Styx album.

No kidding. How can anyone not mention that album if they are a true blue Styx fan?

That's right.


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