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Everybody has their favorite bands, and usually, a person would own a good bit of material from their favorite bands.  But how about those bands that you've always wanted to get to know a little better.  Use this thread to list at least 5 bands whose material you'd like to own more of.  I'll list 5 here:


1. Rush - I haven't seen all of the new documentary, but what I did see has peaked my interest. 


2. E.L.O. - Everytime I hear a song by ELO I wonder why I don't own more of their material


3. The Allman Brothers Band -  I do have a greatest hits box set, but I'd really like to pick up some studio albums.


4. Tom Petty - Again, I only have a greatest hits disc and now Mojo.  I've got Damn The Torpedos on my Amazon wish list but I also want Hard Promises.


5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - I have a greatest hits disc and Deja Vu, but as much as I love the vocal melodies from this band, I'm not sure why I don't own more.

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Excellent! Now another fan to join our exclusive "Cyclorama Rocks" club!

Yup, I am indeed, and that surprise me LOT!! I always thought, Styx was crap. What I had heard was certainly crap.

But again, I'm also an Alice Cooper (the band) fan now, even though until here and now, I wasn't impressed at all.

AND a Genesis (Gabriel-era) fan, even though I was very impressed by the "Genesis Revisited II"-album last year, I thought, until now, that the original albums were weakly produced. Nope, they are sounding great.

I don't need new albums for a while. I've got plenty to delve in to.

I'm really enjoying, checking out the bands, that I for some reason haven't checked out completely before and albums, that I haven't heard in full, and besides the bands, that I now are a new-born fan of, this is what i've come up with:

UFO - I've been listening to (in full) "Force It". "Lights Out" and "Obsession",'s okay, but I haven't REALLY discovered anything great about this band. Some tracks, that aren't on "the best of" are so much better than the hits, though. I'll try a few other albums, but i don't think they will win me over completely.

Journey - I've been listening to "Infinity", "Evolution" and "Departure", and Journey actually sounds pretty much like the Journey, I knew of, meaning: I don't really like it. some of it is listenable, but that's all. Nothing especially good for me here at all.

Kansas - I've been listening to "Leftoverture" and "Point of no return" and as much, as it surprised me, how much I like Styx, It surprises me, that I don't really care about these albums, because Scott has posted a few Kansas-tracks, that I really liked, but again, nothing on these albums excites me that much.

Free - I've been listening to "Free" and "Fire And Water" and I'm not impressed at all. I understand now why this band wasn't bigger.

Fleetwood Mac - Actually, I hadn't been listening to either "Tusk" or "Mirage" in full until now. I especially like "Tusk", but I like this band more now, than I did before. I will try to listen, to some of the old Peter Green Fleetwood Mac-albums now.

Heart - was/is an 80's AOR-band to me, and they had a few good songs, and that was it. I've tried to listen to their "best of" a few years back in time, but got really bored rather quickly. Now I've been listening to "Dreamboat Annie", and I'm bored once again. I don't think, I'll waste any more time on Heart.

Boston - Now there's another shock (for me), since I've always known, that the first two Boston-albums were very populare in the US, and "More Than a feeling" was a great, but waaayy overplayed track. Still I haven't heard those two albums more than once, back in the 80's at a pary or something like that, but now they sound, how shall I put it, not bad at all to me. I kind of like boston now, and after "Third Stage", which I bought and hated back then, then it is somewhat of a shock to me.

I'll try to catch up on some classic Tom Petty- and Billy Joel-albums in the near future.

Force it with the faucets! Great album!

If you dint like Come Sail Away with Dennis DeYoung singing it, you will absolutely abhor the treatment his so-called replacement gives it

For UFO start with "Lights Out" then hit "Obsession", "No Heavy Petting", "Walk On Water", "Force It" and then "Phenomenon" for Schenker (live you have to get "Strangers In The Night") for Chapman it's "The Wild, Willing And The Innocent" and "Mechanix". Most definitely get the Schenker stuff first.

About Grateful Dead...get a greatest hits comp first. There's a bunch that love their whole albums, but to me they're good in small doses.
Ahh, No Heavy Petting was the only UFO-album I ever bought, when was this, 1987? It was okay, but it sounds like a good idea to me, to start up again with the Schenker-stuff.

And the remark I made about Journey looks all wrong. Ofcourse I've heard more than one song by them, but THAT one was really great.
I forgot to add now I have 6 on this list.
I got a lot REM, but I'm a little tired of their music at the moment. Their older stuff is the best.
1. UFO. I had downloaded the greatest hits from the Zune marketplace as per my subscription, but its not clicking with me so I didn't purchase and removed it. I'm gonna try Lights Out as suggested and see if that sparks anything.

2. Deep Purple. I really got into Perfect Strangers when it came out, but I havent been able to reconnect with anything from them.

3. Steve Miller. I really dig his greatest hits but I cant get deeper into his catalog. I have Books of Dreams and Abracadabra on vinyl, and my older brother has Fly Like an Eagle that he played alot of, but I cant say Ive ever played, or listened to them entirely. I bring Miller up because he just released a new CD titled Bingo and Ive been wanting to sit and listen to it, but alas... I try and a track or two later I get distracted, and then I think it really wasnt that bad, what is it with him?

4. Saga. I love the 70's and 80's prog rock scene. Worlds Apart is a classic release, and their new one, The Human Condition, is really really good. Their catalog is so extensive, I would love to get into more...

5. Genesis. Someone gave me a recommendation to go back and listen to the Gabriel stuff. It didnt click, but Im still curious for some reason. It just seems like they are too talented to not have some really cool stuff ...
I will jump in here as the new guy. I did see the Rush documentary and it was really good. On their R30 album, the opening music is an instrumental of a few of their songs together and i thinks its one of the best i ever heard. Alot of material there, so to hear their music would take a while.

Triumph is another band i would like to take a listen to. I have heard lay it on the line but not much else. Im a big fan of the 3 man group Zebra, so i might like them

As funny as it sounds, I would love to get a greatest hits of The Alan Parsons Project. Great music and vocals, I think.

I can see checking out more of Tom Petty. You Got Lucky would be in my all-time top 10...

I am no fan of music from 1990 till now, but the foo fighters are the one group that i think are pretty good. Funny, seems to me the guy behind the drum kit was the most talented.


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