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Everybody has their favorite bands, and usually, a person would own a good bit of material from their favorite bands.  But how about those bands that you've always wanted to get to know a little better.  Use this thread to list at least 5 bands whose material you'd like to own more of.  I'll list 5 here:


1. Rush - I haven't seen all of the new documentary, but what I did see has peaked my interest. 


2. E.L.O. - Everytime I hear a song by ELO I wonder why I don't own more of their material


3. The Allman Brothers Band -  I do have a greatest hits box set, but I'd really like to pick up some studio albums.


4. Tom Petty - Again, I only have a greatest hits disc and now Mojo.  I've got Damn The Torpedos on my Amazon wish list but I also want Hard Promises.


5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - I have a greatest hits disc and Deja Vu, but as much as I love the vocal melodies from this band, I'm not sure why I don't own more.

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Now thats how you dig into a catalog!  Great tune!

Indeed! I was very much impressed! I listened to another one called "Drivin' Wheel", and though it wasn't as good as "Sarah Lee", in my opinion, I did like the main riff of the song. Quite catchy!

1. Steely Dan-  I've got the Greatest Hits CD "A Decade of Steely Dan", but I would love to hear some of their deeper album material.

2. Electric Light Orchestra-  I know the hits, but I would love to listen to their deeper album tracks.

3. The Who- Same as ELO- I've got the hits down, but could use some deeper tracks added to my collection.

4. The Allman Brothers- I have the 20th Century Masters CD, but that doesn't get hardly anywhere into their apparently very extensive catalogue, so I would definitely like to hear more.

5. Pink Floyd- I know only the bare minimum of their work, so some deeper album tracks would serve me well.

Steely Dan cd's are pretty cheap and they're all remastered.

For Pink Floyd and ELO, check out their box sets of the studio albums. You should be able to find them for a good price.

ELO - I would definitely try out the the albums "Eldorado" from 1974 and "A New World Record" from 1976.

The WHO - Their best albums are "Tommy", "Who's Next" and "Quadrophenia". Classic, classic stuff!!

Pink Floyd - "Dark side Of The Moon" and "Wish You Were Here" are definitely their best albums!! Don't listen to those people, who says "The Wall" is a masterpiece. It's not.


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