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I used to have both on cassette.
Held them both in same high regard too, even though Fusion is not exactly my cup of tea, Jeff Beck did a great job keeping his playing close to Rock. I saw both albums reissued on 5.1 multi-channel SA-CD. The price is high (double of a higher end priced completely new releases) so I think I have to choose between them.

I already decided, I'll get Roger Waters - Amused to Death also released on SA-CD (also Jeff Beck on guitars), but I think I pull the trigger on either Wired or Blow-By-Blow, as well.

Which one would be your choice?

For the record, I would love to have Guitar Shop on SA-CD, but that album wasn't part of the 5 album Jeff Beck SA-CD reissue, they released in 2016.

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Both, but if I only had to pick one, it's Blow By Blow. But really....both.

I don’t know, I’ve never heard either, but I bought BBB a couple of days ago so I’ll be hearing it soon.

I'm slightly leaning towards Wired, mainly because I like the cover a bit more + Jan Hammer playing on it, but...

Then again Blow-By-Blow has Stevie Wonder and the best title an Instrumental song can have "Constipated Duck". Since good Instrumental music is supposed to paint pictures in your head, that Duck looks pretty funny, in my head, right now.

I know I should get them both, but they are darn expensive. I have few more days before the promotion expires to make up my mind. Thanks for the input guys. If these CDs were the only thing I'd buy this year it wouldn't be a big problem, but I already have around ten  2019 CD releases I haven't purchased yet, so something has to give. Maybe I buy one Jeff Beck now and one later.

Let's hope they don't sell out and I end up regretting like I did for all the Pink Floyd (and other artists) GOLD CDs, that were released as alternatives to the silver discs. They had really good sounds and all I managed to get was Nena's Greatest Hits from that series. Of course, now they go for an arm and a leg.


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