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I know how much I like to laugh, so I thought we should have a comedy thread.  Post jokes or Videos here.

The first two videos I'm adding have some strong adult language, so be careful if you have kids around or are at work (or church).

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A couple of my favorite movies:

Well, this time, I'll start with one of my favorites: Chaplin.

Chaplin was the best. He could make you laugh and cry in the same movie. I almost cry every time I see the ending of City Lights.

Yeah, that man had a LOT of talents. He even wrote the music to most of his films. "Smile" from Modern Times is an alltime classic.
I simply LOVE Monty Python. This is one of their less known sketches, but it's friggin funny!!

The name of one of "The Silly Party" at 3:51 is EXACTLY my humor!! I was laughing with tears in my eyes!!

This is a classic, but just as funny:

Or this one:

Monty Python if friggin' hilarious. Sometimes I think it would be funnier if I understood more of what they said (that accent isn't easy for us southern boys to understand), but then again, it would probably loose much of it's hilarity.
Here's two movie clips that make me laugh so hard, I cry.

WARNING: The first clip may be offensive to some!!

My favorite line from Dumb and Dumber:

The old "guy" in the first clip was FUNNY!!

Okay, I just got off the floor...I was laughing so hard...."they rapin' errbody out here". I thought that was real at first, but I guess not.


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