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I know how much I like to laugh, so I thought we should have a comedy thread.  Post jokes or Videos here.

The first two videos I'm adding have some strong adult language, so be careful if you have kids around or are at work (or church).

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it is real, its from a newscast in Alabama and then someone made the song from it...
MAd TV had some funny stuff, better than SNL. Bummer that it's gone but the show got a bit sucky the last couple years they were on the air.

Seriously? Fog in the San Francisco Valley?????
Six inches from the face??????
And something really wrong with the picture at 3:06....
How about the "small white one" comment?  I had to wipe tears from my eyes when I seen this...  So funny!!!

and "the large black one". were they being stupid or trying to slide something by?



hee hee....I said "slide something".

Nothing wrong with that!  She said it with a smile.
Looks hilarious, but it's not buffering well for me.  I'll try again later.
C'mon, was that a real news show?  


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