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I know how much I like to laugh, so I thought we should have a comedy thread.  Post jokes or Videos here.

The first two videos I'm adding have some strong adult language, so be careful if you have kids around or are at work (or church).

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yup...  Los Angeles, now does it make more sense?

I love Gene Wilder:


You are right, Wilder is hilarious.  You know, do this.  After the switch over, look at his face.  Don't pay attention to his hair.  He looks a lot like Steve Carrell from The Office.  He really even has similar mannerisms.  I never realized it before.  Curiously, I wonder if he's an idol of Carrell's?


Anyway, great clip!

Michael Anthony Hall immediately comes to mind:

looks funny, but I cant get it to play ....

Do you know why Tigger was digging around the toilet?









He was looking for Pooh!

I need to remember that one, my wife will definitely laugh...

I was watching The Office tonight.  This episode came on:

Drunk dude sings Bohemian Rhapsody in back of patrol car, and nails the lyrics...


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