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I like the Killers cover, but that Kansas cover is so cool.  I like the Somewhere In Time Maiden cover better anyway.

Come on dammit!!!!

Nobody ever wrote books about that Kiss album, lol!

The Beatles Albums: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 

The first rock album to define a specific moment in time, Sgt. Pepper captured its moment so perfectly that it became a generational totem, enjoying two decades of critical consensus that it was the greatest album of all time. Now that public opinion about everything is forever fractured, however, this psych-pop masterwork still resides near or at the top of those critical lists, and it's because the qualities it represents -- optimism, brotherhood, insight, and joy -- have become even more precious over the following years. So how did they pull off such a feat? Read all about the Sgt. Pepper album here, including its history and trivia, and info about the famous cover as well as all 13 songs!

Mike, it's funny you posted that. I was talking to a friend over lunch & he said he didn't understand the big deal about the Pepper's cover. I explained, to him the history of the cover & it's significance. I even googled an article for him to read. He had never heard any of it (What a sheltered life). After the enlightenment, he was then swayed to vote, Beatles.

Way to go Mr. Mills!

A Mike after my own heart.

And a vote for the good guys, lol!


Also search the web for top album covers of all time and tell me how many times you see Kiss...

Oh Jon, you are a hellraiser, lol!
Did I ask you to pass the acid...or did you pass it already?

Look for the smiley face, it's coming your way!

It's about the album covers not the quality of the music though isn't it?

Thank you TR.  I couldn't have said it better.

Yes, it's about the album covers. Do we really want to go to quality of music comparing Kiss "Destroyer" to The Beatles "Sgt. Peppers..."? And no, I'm not voting about quality of music, if that was so I wouldn't have voted for Vandenberg way back when.

I think I'm missing something with this thread though..

Well, the thread started out as a "vote for the album cover(s) that you like best" thread and ended up as a:


Quote (Jon):

"Let the war begin ......

Staring at what? Four guys in makeup and leather striking poses?"


You and Mike P. spent countless hours staring at an album cover with 4 English dudes dressed in ridiculous garb, surrounded by cut-outs of famous people.


Niels and Mike M. spent countless hours staring at 4 Americans who were painted on a background of utter destruction.


Me and Scott spent countless hours staring at the Cheryl Tiegs issue of Sports Illustrated along with a quite famous Farrah Fawcett poster.


I forgot, what was the point of this?  Oh yeah, which album cover is better.  It's just opinions bro.  And it has nothing to do with the tremendous, stupendous, outstanding quality of all Beatles music or the extremely crappy quality of all Kiss music.  Right?




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