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"The addition of new guitarist Richie Faulkner proves to pay immediate dividends for Judas Priest as he blends seamlessly with Glenn Tipton. At the same time, he helps provide a sense of renewed energy that helps the band continue pressing their claim to the throne of the Metal Gods.

The frenetic pacing of songs like "Tears of Blood", "Metalizer" and "Battle Cry" keep the blood pumping. Meanwhile, cuts like "Never Forget", "Down In Flames" and "Sword of Damocles" feature varied tempos and allow for Rob Halford to once again shine both vocally and lyrically.

This album made me think of the saying "When you come at the king, best not miss". The exceptional performances ofRedeemer of Souls amply demonstrates why other bands will continue to miss their shot at the throne so long as Judas Priest is around."


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Nice to see it made the list.

I was a big Priest-fan most of the 80's. It ended, when they released "Ram It Down". I haven't bought a "new" Priest-album since then. I started listen to this album, when it was released, but realized pretty quick, that it would be a waste of my time. Classic Priest for me is still exellent music, though. This cover screams at me: "THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. YOU'LL BE WASTING YOUR TIME"!!


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