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"It’s not that the new AC/DC is earth-shattering, it’s not that it’s innovative or way different than anything they have ever done before.  Here’s what it is; it’s a good time, party rockin’, and no frills rock and roll party on a disc.  It’s the friend you met in 1976 and you’ve been inseparable ever since.  Its memories and remembrances of good times.  How can you not like that this band still pushes forward with all the ‘noise’ going on around them.  And they do it so well.  AC/DC bring new tunes into a music world that has nothing in common with anything they’re doing.  But when Angus speaks, err, lays down a riff, the world listens and gets in line to hear and see one of the best rock and roll experiences ever put together.   For me, this is easily the best new album of 2014."

-Scott Gabbert

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well said!!

Very accurate description, indeed.  Lovin' Rock The House, Dogs Of War and  especially Miss Adventure.

I've only heard "Play Ball" and the title track. I might get the album but it wasn't immediately a must buy for me.

Who wrote that? It's quite silly.

Yeah, It's well said. And it's probably the best AC/DC-album since maybe "For Those About To Rock". But that doesn't say THAT much considering the labums that came after FTATR, but it's a nice little album from one of the best and biggest rock-bands in history.

agree...  so it should be higher than 8, right?

Not really, no. But I doubt anymore of "my" albums will appear in this countdown. Wait, Opeth will, off course.

talk about insane....this is where the sex pistols got there Inspiration 


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