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"With the release of Blind Rage, their third album with singer Mark Tornillo, Accept once again set out full throttle and delivered some of their finest work to date.

From the opening onslaught of "Stampede" and continuing on through anthems like "Fall of the Empire" and "From The Ashes We Rise", the band rocks out stronger than metal bands half their age.

The material covered on the disc also touches on topical subjects like human trafficking ("Wanna Be Free"), historical events ("Trail of Tears") and the potential end of the human race (the standout track "200 Years"). Accept even manages to pay tribute to their musical contemporaries and ancestors on "Last of a Dying Breed".

Why is this album so good? Simple really, Accept plays their metal hearts out with true conviction. Their dedication to crafting high quality material shines through. They are a shining example of what it means to be a representative of the metal music community and Blind Rage should serve as a clarion call for all metal fans."

- TageRyche

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This is the only album that made the Top 10 that I don't own.  But that will be corrected, as I am gonna order it today from Amazon.

Bully for you. 

Glad to see that the album ranked on the list, though I have it much higher on my personal list.

Love the direction of the band now, but it will never get better than Metal Heart...

With the high level of greatness all three Tornillo-fronted Accept albums have attained in my book, the belief that Metal Heart is their greatest album/song is going to be something that is cause for long debates now.

I will now throw out the first "difficult to refute" argument ...

- Screaming For A Love Bite...

There's my them song as well.....

Bound To Fail

To High To Get It Right works for you as well I'm screaming for a love bite.......

......from you.

By the way, if you are interested in checking out my full review of the Blind Rage CD, click this link.


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