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Okay boils and goules...Introducing  - Danno's Rock 'n' Roll Dominion.

I am going to do my best to upload a few times through the week,(or at least once a week depending on my schedule) some of my favorites from over the years or even something new I have found, but that may be old.

Some of these will be main stream but I am also hoping I will be able to surprise you with a few lesser know bands or artists.

I don't plan on getting into each song with detailed explanations. I will give a quick interpretation of the band and their music as a whole, but otherwise I will just let the music speak for itself.

That being said, my first upload for this format is:

SFH - All you Can Eat

released: 1994

From: London, Ontario, Canada

The band:

Rich Oosterbosch - drums
Bob J. Reid - guitars, lead vocals
Jon Armstrong - bass, vocals


1. Gun Down
2. Comin' After You
3. Q.D.T.
4. Wrong
5. Mourning Suicide
6. Don't Feed The Bears
7. Just An Hour Ago
8. Bang On
9. Fish Eyes
10. Death To The Whore
11. Martian Chronicles
12. I Like To Rest (added ghost song at the end of this one...wait for it)

SFH formed in 1982 and were originally known as Samhain, then SamFuckingHain (because of Danzig's post-The Misfits band), and then they settled under SFH.This is their second release as SFH.
The band SFH released 2 albums, their first release being (1992) One of Those Days, however there was a demo in 1987.

If you are into HEAVY THUNDEROUS DOUBLE KICK BASS DRUMS....This is it. Espicially the song "Wrong". This is a very full on frontal attack to the senses. Bob Ried has a pretty explosive voice and prior to this band, all 3 members spent some time in the later line up of the metal band Razor from the Guelph, Ontario area who played along with bands like Exciter, Voi Vod and Anvil. Reid now fronts the heavy party hardy/celtic style band BOBNOXIOUS (still in the SFH groove and I am sure I will cover at a later time and are just a killer live band to see).

I like the lyrics that this band comes up with. There is some pretty funny stuff here but overall its just heavy rocking party tunes. Also great for cruisin' down the highway doing 40 km's over the speed limit.

Personal favorite from this album: Just An Hour Ago

I hope you guys enjoy this little treat of the day. Rock on brothas n Sistas.

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I'm not  crazy about double bass drumming.  I only like it in moderation.  Something about it just overtakes a song for me.  This isn't bad.  It's definitely straight forward rock.  The riffs are good.  The leads are good.  I do like the rest of the drumming.  It's very tight.

Ash? Nice!

This wasn't too bad, nice riffage. Kind of a Black Sabbath vibe on some of the songs, especially "Mourning Suicide". The lead singer sounded a little bit like Lemmy. I like double bass, especially if it's someone who's monster at doing so, like Gene Hoglan. Here it's really that prominent, unless I'm friggin' deaf.

Nice find here, Danno! Book 'em!


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