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Even though "Meliora" was one of, if not THE, most anticipated release for me this year, I was a little bit leery. Their previous album "Infestissumam" was a slice of (evil) rock heaven and this was supposedly going to be heavier. Yet, when the news broke of lead vocalist Papa Emeritus II either being fired or killed, I felt sick only to feel better when it was announced that the new singer, Papa Emeritus III, was the younger brother (by three months) of II. It's always wise to get younger, I always say. Besides, Papa Emeritus I sounded like Papa Emeritus II so there was no reason that Papa Emeritus III would sound the same, but younger. Still, I had that fear......

My fear was unfounded. This is one of those albums that stick with you during and after the first listen. If you're cool, like me, you'll be humming these songs throughout the day. Plus, it's so damn evil that you'll wake up at night with these songs running through your head.

One of the bands they most remind me of is Blue Oyster Cult, but they're not a carbon copy. They have a style all their own, but I could toss their albums into a BOC album marathon and they'll fit in perfectly. I could even throw BOC albums into a Ghost album marathon and it'll be the same result. That's EVIL. 

Hopefully Papa Emeritus III sticks around. After awhile it must get tiring to bring in new (related) blood and pray that they fit into the Ghost world.

If you see any top ten album lists for 2015 that do not include this album, be aware that those lists are made by false idols featuring false idols and they all must be destroyed.


-written by Jon Stephenson


1. Spirit

2. From The Pinnacle To The Pit

3. Cirice

4. Spoksonat (Ghost Sonata)

5. He Is

6. Mummy Dust

7. Majesty

8. Devil Church

9. Absolution

10. Deus In Absentia

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He Is, is one of the best songs from 2015. My guess is, that this is in top 5 in "Top 10 Albums of the year".

I bought the album, listened to a few songs, but that's it.

But I listened to it today, and it is a pretty dang good album.  From The Pinnacle To The Pit is pretty awesome.


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