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Star Date: 5.12.15

Due to the overwhelming success of this series I'm extending it another week!! I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to hear such rave reviews and encore requests! So this week were in space yet again, songs about the vast space out there or at least have titles that might suggest something like that!

No need to keep my audience waiting! Lets get to it!


White Zombie
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1

1 - Starface

The album's sound is a mix of groove metal and heavy metal with multiple B-movie samples. Rob Zombie explained he "wanted to keep a groovable dance element in the music", a trait which is often absent in metal music. Contrary to rumors, a "Devil Music Volume Two" was never planned for recording or release. Almost every song on the album made an appearance on the 1994 video game Way of the Warrior.

The Michael Schenker Group
Built To Destroy

2 - Red Sky

Built to Destroy is the fourth album by the Michael Schenker Group (MSG). Gary Barden returned to the group on vocals following the departure of Graham Bonnet amidst tensions with Michael Schenker. This was the band's final studio album prior to their disbanding, and Schenker moving on to form the McAuley Schenker Group with vocalist Robin McAuley. New material released under the Michael Schenker Group name would not appear for over a decade. The song "Captain Nemo" is the theme song for Eddie Trunk's radio shows Friday Night Rocks on WAXQ and Trunk Nation on XM Radio's Hair Nation Channel.

Judas Priest
Sin After Sin

3 - Starbreaker

Judas Priest's major-label debut Sin After Sin marks their only recording with then-teenage session drummer Simon Phillips, whose technical prowess helps push the band's burgeoning aggression into overdrive. For their part, K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton employ a great deal more of the driving, palm-muted power-chord picking that would provide the basic rhythmic foundation of all but the most extreme heavy metal from here on out. Sin After Sin finds Priest still experimenting with their range, and thus ends up as perhaps their most varied outing.

Queen + Paul Rodgers
The Cosmos Rocks

4 - Cosmos Rockin'

Rodgers effectively rules the roost, helping steer The Cosmos Rocks far, far away from the meticulous, grandiose sonic sculptures of Queen at the height of their reign and toward a humble boogie. At its best, this can sound a bit like a second-rate Bad Company, at its worst it feels like Free -- not quite like Queen, but not necessarily unenjoyable either, thanks in part to a Brian May who seems, frankly, thrilled to play new songs again.

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WHITE ZOMBIE - This is crap! It reminds me of the crap coming out in the end of the 80's/start of the 90's. I never liked Rob Zombie at all. This certainly won't help. Do you like this stuff, Scott?

MSG - This is better. I can't really remember why I did'nt buy this album back in '83. I think, I read a lousy review, and believed it. I never was a fan of MSG, but bought 2 albums and saw them once in concert, opening for Def Leppard in 1987 (then it was McCaurley/Schenker or how that was spelled). Even though it's better than the Zombie-track, it's not very good, but just okay. But I should had bought it back then.

JUDAS PRIEST - Ah, the mighty Priest. This is another great album from that band. I never knew, Priest excisted until 1980, so I probably heard this one the first time around 1981-82. It sounded a bit dated at that time, but sounds great now. Classic stuff!

"QUEEN" + PAUL RODGERS - Okay, I'll try to keep an open mind: Cheesy start, with the clapping, and lyrics you've heard a million times (and a tune, you've heard a million times before) Good musicians off course, but this is waaaayyyy more boring than any Jethro Tull-song.....ZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

Do I like White Zombie? Yes, I actually like the album I lifted the track from.

You make a good point on the older Priest music.  It sounds soooo much better today than it did in the 80's its weird!  And you got me on the Q+PR...  Its a hit and miss effort, there are some good tunes on it, this one - while not the worst - is definitely in the middle...

Thanks for listening!

Zombie - Not a fan, no reason in particular.  Really good riffing in this song, but the vocals aren't good.  It actually sounds close to Armored Saint, but not nearly as good.  I'll pass on this one.

MSG - Again, not a fan of the vocals.  The song isn't very good either.  Sad to say, I find no redeeming value here.  Well, I take that back, the drumming is pretty good.  After hearing the complete song, I'd say that this sounds more like a poor man's version of Judas Priest.

Priest - Ah, a rich man's version of Judas Priest.  The real thing.  That solo is awesome.  This is a band that I really wish I would have invested more time in as a youngster.  The clapping, or at least it sounds like clapping, seems out of place to me.  Have I ever mentioned on this site that I got the entire JP Complete Albums collection for a paltry 12 bucks?

Queen + Rodgers - I have this but I've never listened to it.  I may have heard a track or two, maybe even this one, but can't remember anything about it.  I hear some more hand clapping, which I'm not crazy about, but this tune is pretty cool and rocks in a swinging kind of way.  I love Rodgers' voice.  And May & Taylor are great.  I wonder if this would have done better under a different moniker.  Anyway, this is enough to tell me I need to spin this complete album.

Good job from a Carolina fan.

It would be more of a success if there was a Major Tom song.

I like White Zombie/Rob Zombie. Danceable stuff.

Not a big fan of this MSG album. Such a letdown after "Assault Attack", the MSG opus. There's a few good tracks, but overall the album isn't even close to the previous album. You could have included the song by The Fixx, it's the same song title. Wonder if you debated which one to use?

"Sin After Sin" is a great album. Plus it's really foreboding, as you can see with the album cover. Gives me shivers.

Of course I like the Queen + Paul Rodgers track. I even like the album. I'll take anything Brian May and Roger Taylor put out.

Nice job, but it needs to be extended again just so Major Tom can make an appearance.

Major Tom addition - check...

The Fixx's Red Skies considered for this playlist - check...

Built To Destroy major let down after assault attack - discount double check!...

Scary foreboding Priest cover - ch ch ch check!

Danceable White Zombies?  Well, now were talking!


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