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... of course I don't know how many of you actually missed me... haha. I was here for a bit and for reasons I don't remember I just stopped visiting the site, decided it was finally time to give this a look again. I suppose part of the reason I left was because I simply wasn't buying any CD's as I didn't have a CD player other then on my PC to listen to them. Since that time I acquired a vehicle that has a CD player in it and once I realized it (I actually didn't even think about it being there at first) I started buying CD's again. I went from the aforementioned not really buying any CD's to buying them left and right as they say. Most of the stuff I buy is used stuff from the 2nd hand stores.. specially when they have deals going on.. I'll buy stuff that is new of course too although I should clarify I don't buy much in the way of actual new music, stuff from newer artist, I tend to stick with the tried and true stuff that I know I enjoy.

Anyway, I hope you'll have me back and I will try to start contributing a bit here and there!


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Glad to have you back Dave!

We have a Facebook page too if you are on there.

Cool... just joined there too!


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