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May 2021 Edition of new releases by Legendary artists break the record for this year's rating. But, do we have, finally, a 10 out of 10 album? (Scroll down to read my thoughts on them).

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Because it's got to be out there, and someone needs to find it. My new year's resolution was not to buy new releases in 2021, because I have no room left to store the CDs. In order to stick to my plan, I had to cease digging through the news, quit streaming, and ultimately stop buying CDs. However, music didn't stop existing, and whether I liked it or not I couldn't escape being exposed to it.

So, I streamed a few. No harm there. It's still not a buy (for now) and I think I can resist the urge on a great many GOOD albums, but what about those rare, perfect, 10 out of 10 releases that sneak up on you once in a while? Would I be able to zip my pocket tight on them? I don't know. I guess I'll cross that bridge when it happens. In a meantime, you can follow my quest here, Month-by-Month.

Note: I rate albums on a scale of 1 to 10, with 0.5 increments. Listening to a release on my home stereo could increase my final rating by 0.5 or even 1 whole point in comparison to my initial grading of the same album via streaming experience.

Note 2: I'm only going to stream "in your face" projects, meaning well-known acts (to me). Sucks to be a completely new band/artist in this scenario, but I'm joining the ranks of my peers in a Cult of Groupies for Legends. (You know who they are). That being said, I consider my knowledge well above the average groupie, so, here and there you'll still find an act you haven't heard of yet. Also... last year I sampled a bit over 1000 new releases of different genres. To blend in with my fellow groupies, that number will greatly dwindle. In the month of January, there was only 

4. THE DEAD DAISIES - Holy Ground
Thanks to Hughes the vocals are better, yet, nothing special. Music is the same as before. No hooks, decent but short solos, and "middle of the road" tenure. I like the cover. That's a purty skull. The two crows are a nice touch too.
My steaming experience: 4.5 out of 10.

3. WIG WAM - Never Say Die
LORDI gets all the glory for winning the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest as the first Hard Rock band to achieve that, but WIG WAM paved the road. Unfortunately, pioneers usually take one for the team. And WIG WAM did that in 2005 reaching position #9 in that year's contest. Following that success, they released 3 more albums before quitting, and I like them all. Naturally, I was excited to hear them reuniting and even their first single sounded great. I had high hopes. However, this is not the same music from their 2005 era nor the one reminiscent of their last album from 2012. No. This album shows all the signs of Serafino Perugino's meddling (Frontiers Records director). Wouldn't be surprised if the band came together on his initiative. The album sounds more like a run of the mill Frontiers record. 
My steaming experience: 5 out of 10.

Great opening track and a few outstanding followups see the guitar legend return to catchy songs. The arrangements are great, and so are the vocal performances. Lots of guests too. The only song that doesn't blend well with the rest of them for me, is the Scorpions cover "In Search Of The Peace Of Mind" which also closes the album with a sole dull moment. 
My steaming experience: 6.5 out of 10.

1. ACCEPT - Too Mean To Die
After listening to the singles released prior to the album, I got this feeling "something is off". Now, after streaming the album, as a whole it actually plays well. The tunes are more memorable and less predictable than on their previous album, and they left their 2 greatest songs for last. "Not My Problem" is a catchy anthem, in line with their best efforts, while "Samson And Deliah" is a great "band instrumental". My only complaint would be the absence of the true triple-guitar attack. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of guitars and great solo's as well, just not bouncing left-right-and-center off your speakers, if you know what I mean.
My steaming experience: 7 out of 10.

Feel free to add your thoughts, reviews, and quests to find the perfect record.

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Ahhh...we so disagree about the Robin McAuley album.

I really wanted to like the album. He is an awesome vocalist, and still sings well, however... you know... Del Vecchio... eh.


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