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This is usually the time of year I take vacation, however with things they way they are, there will be no vacation this year.


Instead, for the next week at least, I'm going on a business trip. A business trip to Monkey Island which I've been told ACTUALLY EXISTS!


Funny thing about this Monkey Island since it's also the name of a 1977 album from The J. Geils Band. Funny/sad how things sometimes work out.


Anyway, I figured if I went down to Monkey Island and brought a couple hundred laptops with me, I can teach the monkey population how to surf the web and type. Maybe, just maybe, half of them will understand the concept of surfing and typing, then I'll give them direction to this site and then they can listen to the wonderful stuff we post!


The only drawback is that this might cause the actual rise of the Planet Of The Apes, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.


Only one "hit" one this album, but it does contain the awesome "Monkey Island" which, in case you've only read this paragraph, is where I'm heading in a few hours. 




Monkey Island

1. Surrender

2. You're The only One

3. I Do

4. Somebody

5. I'm Falling

6. Money Island

7. I'm Not Rough

8. So Good

9. Wreckage



Availability: Wow, two weeks in a row. This is also OOP, starting asking price is around $30.



Now if could only meet this on Monkey Island.......


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Bought this for 4 bucks in nice shape last week at the flea market.  I transferred it last night to the computer but the first two tracks didn't split correctly, so I'll re-do it later.  But I'll listen to this later, 'cause I'm sort of into this band right now.

Probably my favorite from J Geils. If memory serves me correctly, Surrender was featured in aSHT list some time ago.

Nice puck Jon, have fun on the Island!

The monkeys are confused with the word "puck". Please clarify for their sake so they can be learned but good.

Racquel Darrian......NICE!


Finally a name to go with the body....  errrr...  I mean face!

Is that who that is? I just thought she was purty. Name doesn't ring a bell.

I will have the monkeys investigate who this Racquel Darrian is.

Late '80s-mid -90s porn star...not that I would know this.....just guessing.

That's something I would not know anything about. I am shocked I even found those pictures.

This album is a knockout.  Actually, I've been really enjoying this band lately.  Made some great finds at the flea market on some vinyl, including this one.  Surrender, You're The Only One, Somebody, I'm Falling, Monkey Island and Wreckage are all outstanding tunes.  This is a terrific post Jon.  Everybody should give it a listen.

Yup!  Easily and by a mile the Best J Geils album

I'd have to say Freeze Frame for me, but it's certainly very close to that one.  I thought Sanctuary was pretty dang good to.  I have "Ladies Invited" transferred to the computer now, so I'll be checking that one out soon.

This one is second for me, behind Love Stinks.


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